• linkless thoughts

    Is there a way to type thoughts into the brain w/o specifying a link initially? I'd like to simply jot ideas down on the screen and organize them...

    4 914

    Started by hanque

  • Full integration with Outlook

    Hi, I am struggling with the following: br br - emails must be copied to PB one by one (neither the whole folder nor bunch of selected emails) br -...

    2 1,017

    Started by stikai

  • How can I represent different/multiple perspectives

    How can I represent different/multiple perspectives (contexts) for a given set of thoughts? Is there away to filter or select a set of thoughts based...

    1 915

    Started by jwilson

  • Slowing

    Good evening, could you tell me what to do with a big slowing when i tape a "s" in the search engine : about one minute. If i tape a...

    3 915

    Started by steve52

  • XML Values for Entries & EntryObjects

    I have a lot of data I'd like to import into PB 4.1. I know about the key values for Thoughts Links have imported that data successfully, but...

    7 1,146

    Started by Leslieinva

  • Power Point ?

    Hi, new user. Is there a way to embed a working brain into a power point presentation? So from the presentation I could navigate the brain. This...

    2 1,923

    Started by gsgreenberg

  • 202 Webinar 28 Feb

    Dear Shelly and Matt, Thanks for demonstrating how to tidy up brains which together with some of the techniques you use was most useful and I...

    1 1,410

    Started by hock

  • Running 4.0 from an USB stick

    How is that supposed to be done? I know you that can create a zip and open it on another computer, but how do you create a standalone application on...

    4 1,460

    Started by Telemark

  • Editing and Overhauling Your Brain

    Hi this sounds like a great webinar. Will it be one that is recorded? Timezone differences and bandwidth limitations make it hard for me to watch...

    1 984

    Started by lunatrix

  • Quickly set pins in 4.2?

    After each DB disconnect the pins are gone. I've given up on recreating them one by one. Is there a place where I could...

    1 972

    Started by westbroek

  • How to set color tag in XML

    There is a color tag in the Brain XML but it doesn't get set by applying a color to a Thought (that seems to work via CSS). Can this tag be set? And...

    2 1,833

    Started by simonh

  • URL linking - preventing auto download

    Hi all - When you drag-and-drop a URL, PB automatically downloads the URL icon - this is great. Not so great is the following: all kinds of other...

    0 1,344

    Started by BSTD

  • Import spreadsheet?

    Is there any way to quickly import a spreadsheet of data? It would be great to be able to do this through some utility which allows us to indicate...

    2 1,265

    Started by garykg

  • Default font for Notes

    Hello, I have been using PB 3.0 for a long time, and one thing I like is that I can set default font to courier (so I can get the plain text look or...

    2 901

    Started by Finn

  • Limit on number of children or jumps

    I think there was a limit of 32 children for each parent in the earlier versions of PB. Any limit in the latest version? If so, any way around...

    1 894

    Started by garykg

  • Use .Mac account?

    Hello, Is it possible to use a single brain across computers using a .mac account? It squawked when I tried but I was wondering if there way a way...

    7 891

    Started by jackp

  • Paste Thought Icon

    I'm probably missing something but I cant get to see the Paste Thought Icon item in the context menu for a thought. According to the transitions...

    3 1,505

    Started by danny

  • Calendar: Setting Reminders

    How do you set, edit and delete reminders to events? Advice gratefully received. Thx.

    1 1,416

    Started by Pdub

  • Transferring thought/link types to new/different brain

    Is there a way to transfer the thought types I have from one brain to another? I have created a cool set of thought and link types in one brain, and...

    2 1,608

    Started by asexymind

  • Notes

    I have Personal Brain core edition. I installed the latest realese and if I write in Italian in the notes I have all mistakes. Any solution? See...

    3 1,043

    Started by DI

  • Spinning wheel

    Hi there. I installed a trial version and started comparing this application to other available mind mapping software. I very much like the tool. ...

    2 960

    Started by nick_bijens

  • Exporting part of a brain - simple HTML?

    I need to export part of a brain to simple HTML. I don't know of any way to do this directly, but that would be great if it can be done. I'm...

    3 996

    Started by burnside

  • Linking to thoughts in other brains?

    Brand new to this forum. If this question has been answered, my apology, just couldn't find it searching the forum. I've created multiple brains...

    4 1,295

    Started by TotalBalance

  • Linking to non-current thought

    There used to be a trick available in 3.x versions of PersonalBrain which worked as follows. 1. Drag link into brain 2. Find that were you want to...

    1 878

    Started by dcb_oz

  • Deleting a Jump Link

    Does anyone know how to delete a jump link (Mac) ? I have jump-linked to a child by mistake and I can't see how to remove it.

    1 912

    Started by lunedi_hax

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