Yesterday evening I left my computer on to run a backup. I ended all programs except the backup-sw (so I thought). When I picked it up this morning, there was no more space left on the C:-drive. Assuming that there were too many temp-files, I rebooted. No change. So I started cleaning the disk and to my surprise found out that the PB-programdir took 2GB, as derby.log and output.log both were > 1GB (and were last modified at 5am, so it looks as if something was still running, even though the taskbar was empty)...

Two things, I think:
  • why didn't PB exit completely? Perhaps the disk was already full when I ended, and so it wasn't able to exit completely. And possibly some disk space was freed later in the night and then filled up again by the enourmous log?
  • I think it would useful if there was a size-limit to avoid inifite growth of the log-files...


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