Hi Crew , New release 9sounds like a winner I'll be force to subscribe again .
A couple of ideas that my have already been suggested . Anyway ...

What about the choice to keep the Thebrain plex always (until unstuck) 'stuck' to the desktop , that is always at the bottom of all open screens or even hidden BUT when an object in another application is drag selected then TheBrain plex pops to the top so that the dragged file can then be quickly dropped on a thought . Is the Team including perhaps a menu icon for Mac so that the Plex can be quickly toggled stuck-unstuck etc ?
Hope I'm not way of target with this idea :-)

The other idea (rather obvious) is to have the ability to quickly show only files in a Brain Plex by date so that activity for a particular year can be isolated visually. Great for business people wanting to see related events and other reviewing their Brains as a sort of diary of doings Sorry if this is already a feature :-)

Feel free to delete this post of its useless . No point in wasting peoples time .


I moved your post over to our Brain 9 Preview Release area.

Thanks for posting.  I believe you are referring to the "Doc" capabilities the TheBrain 8 had in Windows.  No plans to include this on feature for Mac in v9 - but I'll document the request.

Also, we have recently re-added the Timeline View in v9.  Look for the clock icon in the upper right hand corner of the app when running a Brain.  We also have some additional, similar feature request to expand this feature.

Thanks again for sharing!  All thoughts are always welcome!


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