Personal Brain, OS X 10.4.9, Java 1.5.0_07
Every time I launch Personal Brain it also launches Azureus. Once it's launched, every time I switch from one program back to Personal Brain it re-launches Azureus if I've closed it. The only thing I think these programs have in common is that they're Java. I've rebooted but the problem persists.

Another problem I have happens when I paste text into the notes field. If the text contain characters such as an em (I believe that's what it's called--a double dash), or smart quotes "" or smart apostrophes it messes up the text. Selecting text becomes jumbled. Removing the characters fixes it.

Upgrading to the latest--Beta 4.1.1 does not fix either issue.
Click image for larger version - Name: ec.jpg, Views: 107, Size: 21.75 KB
The first issue is solved. RescueTime was causing it.

The second issue persists.
Thanks for the update Marcus, we'll look into the rendering issue you describe.

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