Hey there,

I have two simple suggestions. I am using PersonalBrain 6 on the Mac.

1. Please, make Apple+Z undo my last action. I can't even set this as an accelerator, and having to go up and click each time is such a time waster (!)

2. Wandering is an amazing feature. Which in the current state can become the most tedious thing in the world. Have now stopped using it after seeing it get caught in some strange love triangle of always going back to the same thoughts, over, and over, and over again. Please, give Wander some kind of rule (if one could set this, this would be even better), that ensures that Wander will not return to the thought it just left if it hasn't been to (at least) 3 other thoughts in the mean time.

I do not intend to offend with my critical tone. Your program has changed my life. I thank you.




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