1.  When dragging and dropping an Email message into PB, can the Email date be shown too?    Right now I have email threads with the same subject shown multiple times and I cannot tell which is the last message (especially after sorting) unless I open each message.  Carrying over the date received would help us see which is which.

2.  If I setup an email address hyperlink within the notes area, when I click on it an empty message opens.  It would be nice if upon saving or sending that message it would be stored within the thought folder that contained the note link.

Thank you.

I'm just a newbie but I agree with both these requests. I am aiming to have everything in PB and avoid Outlook and indeed Windows as much as possible.

Tha approach I currently use is to break up my inbox folder into sub-folders and drag a link to the folder onto the contact, far from perfect but OK.
Hi Danny,

Welcome to PB.


I ´third´ the wish for inclusion of the emaildate when dragging and dropping to PB from outlook. I just found out that I it is easy to first drop a email to the desktop and from there to PB. It is saved as .msg file in PB but the date becomes the current date.

Jeroen Roeterd

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