Following on from this thread 3 years ago ( I think it's about time we try out a sensible 3D Plex. There is a clear functionality advantage to this suggestion as well as some engaging visual effect.

We clearly need to maintain the core paradigm which is a proven solid format. The additions of the expanded and outline views provide additional functionality and provide the user with flexibility to review content. This is a suggestion for an optional view modifier that activates a 3D toolset for each of these three views.

There are some great threads associated with this issue with a wealth of involved ideas ( and that can form subsequent features.

But lets suggest a simpler start.

If we consider our old friend the Tag Cloud ( there is a reasonably useful layer of metadata that can be rapidly gleaned on immediate visualisation. I know we've had this discussion a few years back but I would say PB has matured to a point where such implementation is possible and well within the performance of current hardware with the Java environment.

The 3D effect can be simply created from thought font size selection. The categories can include 'arrange by' (name, type and active, modified and creation date), by thought type, by tags and or by custom view aka custom report; even the categorising by time viewed or number of activations would be extremely useful metadata in a 3D hyperplex. There is of course already a full range of font sizes in the normal global sizing function; it would 'simply' (as always) be a matter of assigning an over-riding criteria to the individual thoughts' font sizes.

Since size matters in this context (!) the scroll wheel of the mouse should not activate global font sizing directly but instead should allow the user to zoom backwards and forwards through the 'hyperplex', in order to better see the thoughts valued lower in the category selected.

In normal hyperplex view the original 2D plex positions can be maintained, as well as the links from gate to gate.

It is also possible (though not necessary) to create a perspective thickness for links (thicker closer, thinner further away).

Additionally, in any of the three hyperplex modes, clicking on a thought not in the same z-plane of the active mode should result in a similar smooth animated rearrangement of this hyperplex. There would be a hit on processor resources with such additional functionality but the current generation of machines would more than handle it. The resultant visual effect could be something like an improved version of valence ( with a cleaner rendition.

The true power of incorporation of an additional dimension would be in the categorisation of variable information as per the example criteria above. 

Tag cloud methodology has demonstrable advantages; incorporating the best of those features into a genuinely useful PB functionality would constitute a high benefit, high visibility development.

Would there be consensus that this would be a worthwhile engagement of resources?



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I think so. As databases get larger, I think it's important to allow people to categorize and display their data in multiple ways. With the implementation of tags showing in the plex, and the changes to allow filtering in report results I think we are starting to get a taste of the ability of seeing data sorted in the plex.
For me at least, reports and categorization methods that are represented in the plex are much more powerful than flat lists on the reports tab. I think the addition of a tag cloud would be a good use of development time. I already use the heck out of visible tags, and I think the a cloud would flesh it out even more.
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Any updates on this sort of thing?

I love the idea of 3D interfacing.

As for the current 2D setup we have:

I would like to, at the very least, be able to ZOOM OUT more than is currently allowed in the Brain 7 desktop program.

I want this function so I can see more of my connections at any given time.

Anyone else agree?
A way to view distant thoughts with a zooming feature would be great. An option to activate distant thoughs with the keyboard would also increase efficiency.
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I have been trying zooming action.It is really flabbergast,I am greatly influenced by it.

I would like to be able to zoom thoughts and attachments by using the keyboard. Would speed up work with thoughts a lot.

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)

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