History:  Started with the standard Pro Tryout Download, purchased & registered the Core version, subsequently I have downloaded and am using the Beta.  I'm using Windows XP, and my database contains about 9,500 thoughts, at lease half of which were originally established using 3.1 prior to the upgrade.

I have run into a problem that seems to indicate either some kind of conflict of beta vs. core standard, or possibly a conflict between the Pro Tryout verson and the Registered Core version. 

Often, I add an attachment link to one of my existing thoughts.  Every so often, adding the attachment fails with the "You need Pro to add multiple attachment" warning message.  In these cases, there is no other attachment, but there is a note. 

I have found that if I delete the note, I can add the attachment, then reinstate the note, and no problems. 

The problem is not consistant, however, and by far most attachments add quite normally when the note already exists.   Any thoughts?   

Here's a guess at what might be happening.

PB3 stored notes as an attached file named "notes.rtf" (or, perhaps, "note.rtf"). PB4 stores notes differently. The "notes.rtf" files from your PB3 brain still exist in the PB4 brain and may be counting against you when trying to add an attachment.

With the Properties & Attachments window displayed, navigate to an old PB3 thought having a note. Does it have a "notes.rtf" attachment? Can you attach a new file? If not, try right-click > delete the "notes.rtf" file, and try attaching again. Removing "notes.rtf" will not affect the actual notes in PB4.

If this works, we have an explanation but not a solution. I don't know a way of mass deleteing all of the notes.rtf files -- at least not from within PersonalBrain.

Note: Before doing anything radical to your 9,500-thought brain, please backup with File > Create BrainZip .

Hope this helps,
-- Sam

You're right on the money, Sam.  I have been working with my database all day, and discovered for myself that just a simple delete of the notes.rtf file works, and without dumping the notes.  

It sounds like this might well be something that needs to be addressed in the conversion program they provide.  That program has a few other bugs in it too, so I'd bet they are tweaking it as they go along.

In general, this will probably be fine for me, just doing a delete when the problem comes up.  It only seems to happen with about 1 in 20 or 30 thoughts ... basically ones included when I was using 3.2 that did have notes and didn't have attached webpages.  Most have both.  I can't see trying to do anything drastic to the whole database, and they may be able to include something in later versions to deal with the earlier entries.

You are both correct.  PB 3.03 stored notes as a .rtf (rich text format) file.  New 4.x thoughts store notes in a "database" but the old .rtf file is not deleted in order to secure that nothing is lost in the 3 to 4 conversion.

We may in fact have some options for you in future builds to remove these .rtf files if desired.

Thank you,

Just wondered if a utility to do this is available yet?   I have about 3000 such thoughts and I'm suddenly running into them on a regular basis. 


I could probably write a script to do it for you, but it'd be a "you're on your own" kind of thing, warranty neither expressed nor implied, yadda yadda.

What OS are you using?

Windows XP Home Edition 5.1
Personal Brain Core Edition
Wetware Brain - Not particularly techie!!  Please explain well, and yes, I'll back things up first!   ;-)))

Actually just looking at it yesterday with report on "internal files", I have 1,770 of these thoughts out of about 16,000 thoughts total.

Hi again ChanurCousin,

This should be relatively simple.  Also, I don't know how much command-line knowledge you have, so I apologize if the example is way verbose.

First, back up your brain.

Next, make sure your brain is backed up.

Are you sure your brain is backed up?

Ok, here we go.  Find out where you are keeping your brain files.  This is where you save them to.  For instance, my main brain is in "d:\data\brainsv4\RonsBrain_brain". 

Now then, look through the directories and find an instance where these notes.rtf files are that you want to delete.  I don't have them myself, but I'm assuming they'll be under the "Files" directory in your brain directory, and then inside of the directory for the thought; continuing my example, one notes.rtf file would be in:


I'm having you double check because I'm not certain where they are, and don't have a brain to upgrade myself.

If that's where they are (inside directories within the "Files" directory), continue on.

Next, open up a command prompt by clicking "Start", choosing "run", and then typing "cmd" and hitting enter.

now then, you want to change into the "files" directory where you save your brain files.

for me, this would be done by typing at the prompt:

cd d:\data\RonsBrain_brain\Files

* (note 1: you can do this one step at a time, if you ant, and use "dir" to get a list of directories if you can't remember;  cd data, dir, cd RonsBrain_brain, etc

* (note 2: if your data isn't saved to your C: drive, you'll first have to change drives in the prompt by typing a the drive letter followed by a colon;  for instance, to get from my c: drive to my d: drive, I just type "d:" into the prompt and hit enter.

Ok, now that you're finally in your directory, the rest should be simple.

WHen you're in \\where ever your brain is\\Files, you want to type this on the command line:


"del /S notes.rtf"

That's all.  The command line will print a list of all the files that it deletes.  If you want to get this list in a file tha tyou can look at later, add some extra stuff to the command so that it looks like this:

"del /S notes.rtf > c:\report.txt"

"del" - tells it to delete files

"/S" - tells it to delete in the current directories and all sub directories (which is why it's so important that you're in your brain's "files" directory first)

"> c:\report.txt" - tells the command line that instead of printing all of the "I delete such-and-such file", to instead create a "reports.txt" document in c:\ and put the informatino there instead.  now you can open it up and see a list of everything it deleted

That should do it.  I tested this with some test directories I created that were a few levels deep and full of all kinds of files, including multiple RTF files.  Only the file "notes.rtf" that I specified got deleted--the rest were left intact.  Thus, by making sure you're changed into the appropriate directory, and by specifying "notes.rtf" like I do above, it should minimize the chances of something going wrong.

However, make sure you're backed up and everything, as I'd feel terrible if this does backfire somehow.


Thanks Agnor!  It seems to have worked like a charm, and took less than 10 seconds to process 1,770 records.   Wonderful!

Glad to hear it

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