We made it! The official release of version of 4.1 is up today. Once again, thanks to everyone for participating in the beta and submitting feedback.

We are hard at work on the next release already will begin the 4.2 beta release cycle in mid to late November.

There are only minor changes since the last release candidate - details below.

Version – Official Release

October 30, 2007

  • Fixes
    • Fixed: changes made in the HTML view of notes are not saved if design view is selected again prior to activating a new Thought
    • Fixed: Under Mac OS X Leopard, the text of the search button does not appear fully

For anyone upgrading from 4.0, here is a summary of the new features in version 4.1.

PersonalBrain 4.1 Feature List

PersonalBrain 4.1 is a free upgrade for all users of PersonalBrain 4.0 and offers many improvements including significant new functionality as well as faster performance.


Key New Features

  • Greater Speed and Performance
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Docking Tools Window Layout
  • Copy and Paste of Thoughts
  • Copy Thoughts as Text
  • New Reports
  • More Powerful Instant Search
  • SiteBrain Improvements
  • XML export and import of data
  • User Interface Improvements
  • General Fixes


Detailed List of New Features

  • Greater Speed and Performance
    • Navigation between thoughts is up to 30 times faster
    • Opening a Brain is up to 3 times faster
    • Instant search is faster
  • Keyboard Navigation
    • The arrow keys and enter key can be used to navigate and activate thoughts without using the mouse
      • Arrows = highlight a Thought and scroll Thoughts as necessary
      • Enter = activate a Thought
      • Esc = cancel keyboard navigation
      • Alt+Left Arrow = back
      • Alt+Right Arrow = forward
      • Shift+Enter = open attachment / add attachment
      • Delete = forget Thought
      • Shift+Delete = delete Thought
      • Home = activate home Thought
  • Docking Tools Window Layout
    • Each tool can be displayed on any side of the PersonalBrain window and can be resized and configured to suit your usage
      • To separate a tool’s window, drag its tab to the side of the plex where you want it displayed
        • Tabs can be dragged to any edge of the plex or to any edge of another tools window
      • To merge a tool’s window into another tools window, drag its tab to the center of another tools window
    • The Pro Edition allows advanced layout options include auto-hide of tools and floating of tools.
    • The plex can be maximized and restored with a double click on the background
    • The tools windows can be maximized and restored with a double click on the tab
    • The Reset Tools Layout command has been added to the Options menu
  • Copy and Paste of Thoughts
    • Thoughts, including their notes, properties, and attachments, can be copied and pasted between Brains or duplicated within a Brain
    • Changes to a Thought made in one Brain can be updated and merged into another Brain
    • Links, Thought types and link types are automatically copied as needed
    • The duplicate Thought command can be used to quickly create a copy of a Thought
  • Copy Thoughts as Text
    • When copied as text, a hierarchical list is automatically created and can be pasted into any other program including Word and Excel
    • Thoughts with multiple parents are indicated in the hierarchy using a reference shown by a “#” sign preceding the Thought name
  • New Reports
    • New reports for untyped, parentless, and orphan Thoughts
    • Filtering of reports by attachment type
    • Sorting by activity level
    • Thoughts are displayed using their colors and icons
  • More Powerful Instant Search
    • Instant search finds matches on every word in Thought names
    • Accents are ignored when matching Thought names
    • Thoughts are displayed using their colors and icons
    • Instant search results are displayed starting with first word matches prioritized by the date last active
    • Shows disambiguating parent Thoughts
      • When matches with the same name appear, their parent/jump Thought names are also displayed
  • SiteBrain Improvements
    • SiteBrains include the past thought list
    • Improved compatibility and robustness including iPhone compatibility
    • The plex window can be resized
  • XML export and import of data
    • The copy and paste of Thoughts uses an open XML format which includes all of the relevant data
    • The XML format can be read by other programs to export data from PersonalBrain using copy and paste
    • The XML format can be create by other program to import data to PersonalBrain using copy and paste
  • User Interface Improvements
    • Plex
      • A pulse highlights newly created thoughts
      • Opening of attachments is shows by an expanding circular “wave”
      • Sorting of Thoughts starting with numbers is smarter (for example, “10” appears after “9”)
      • The back and forward mouse buttons are enabled (Windows only)
      • The past thought list loads more Thoughts on startup
    • Attachments
      • Internal folders are supported as attachments
      • The location column of attachments does not repeat the file name
      • Virtual thoughts do not appear as attachments
      • The F2 key can be used in the attachment list to initiate editing of attachment names and URL locations.
    • Calendar Events
      • Mouse over of events expands them to show their full information
      • Multiple events can be scrolled to view them
      • When too many events to display are present, this is indicated by a clickable link
    • Minor Changes
      • Added a preference to disable mouse wheel resizing
      • maxFieldLength setting added to the search configuration file to specify the maximum number of terms to index per document
      • Additional tips added
      • An archive format without an installer is available for Linux
      • Exports can be cancelled without waiting for them to complete
      • Downloading status of Web page icons and title information is displayed
      • The default layout shows Notes separately
      • Improved parsing of Web page titles to separate the main title and the label
      • Duplicate search results for the same thought but in different locations (label, notes, etcetera) are merged into one.
  • General Fixes
    • Uninstall completely removes installation folder
    • Newly created Thoughts appear in the past thought list immediately
    • When changing link types and modifying user preferences, there are no delays
    • The resizing circle works properly in the distant Thoughts view and does not disappear if the active Thought indicator is turned off
    • Various search bugs fixed
    • Various notes bugs fixed
    • Various calendar bugs fixed
    • Various reports bugs fixed
    • Various attachments bugs fixed
    • Spellchecking settings are properly saved and loaded
    • On shutdown of the computer, settings and notes are more reliably saved
    • The reliability of the underlying database has been improved
    • Sorting of Thoughts with accents in their name is improved
    • Report date filtering starts at midnight instead of noon
    • Auto-hide does not unhide when not specifically requested


To entire Brain team, congratulations on an outstanding achievent bringing PB up to this level. Just looking at the entire list above and realising it is only the improvements after the 4.0 releases up to 4125 is just a reminder of the intensity of effort and quality that you have produced. Needless to say, looking forward to the next round!

Hats off to you all and thank you 


TB8022 32bit
Java 32bit Version 8 Update 141

Firefox, Office 2013 Pro Plus 32bit
64bit Win10Pro
64bit Primary Laptop, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i7
64bit Secondary Laptop, 64GB RAM, Intel Xeon E3
Brain user since zygote
Huge ditto's!!!

I installed PB4 on an external drive and copied my brain.  I can't open the copied brain.  I have copied the PB folder to the external drive and it still dosen't work.

Icobbs, you may want to post your issue in the "Issues" forum area.


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