Version 4.2 is the second beta cycle since the release of PersonalBrain 4. This is the first release under this cycle and is not recommended for general use at this time. Please only download this release if you want to help us test the new release.

As usual, the beta release can be downloaded from the bottom of the main download page.

Version 4.2 features a new, more reliable, database backend. Your Brain will be automatically converted to the new database format when it is opened. After conversion, your Brain will not be usable with version 4.1, so backing up your Brain prior to opening it in version 4.2 is mandatory.

This release also incorporates many changes and improvements suggested by the user community here on the forums.

The detailed list of changes follows.


December 10, 2007

  • New Database Backend
    • The PersonalBrain database has been replaced. The new database backend offers significant benefits including:
      • Faster startup and shutdown
      • Faster instant search initialization
      • Lower memory usage
      • Increased reliability
  • Localization
    • All language resources are loaded dynamically
    • Spanish language translation complete (if Spanish is your default language, menus, dialog boxes, etcetera will automatically appear in Spanish)
  • Linux/Unix Changes
    • The commands used to open various file associations can be modified by editing the text file PersonalBrain/res/DefaultUnixCommands.properties
  • Mac OS X Changes
    • Mac OS 10.3 is now supported
  • Automatic Activation of New Thoughts
    • This option is now available in the Preferences > Options > Thoughts section.
  • Hot Key (Windows only)
    • The hot key that opens PersonalBrain when it is auto-hidden keyboard is now configurable via Preferences > Settings
  • Notes Images Downloaded
    • When notes have links to images that are online, the images are downloaded locally automatically so they will be accessible while offline or if the referenced online image is removed
    • This feature can be turned off via Preferences > Options > General > Save images from the Internet locally
  • Minor New Features and Changes
    • The F6, F7, and F8 keys can be used to switch from creating a child/parent/jump relationship even if the create dialog box is already open
    • The text focus is set to the search box on startup
    • Added a button to switch the Thought label and name
      • Located at the end of the label in the properties tab, clicking this button switches the name and label properties. This is particularly useful when the default label and name are assigned based on a URL attachment incorrectly.
    • When an external attachment cannot be found (if the file was moved or deleted), the option to select a new path for it is offered.
    • New report to show Thoughts with notes added
    • Calendar events can be deleted using the keyboard Delete key
  • Experimental Changes
    • Proxy information can be set by editing the file C:\Documents and Settings\hhugh.BRAIN\Application Data\PersonalBrain\TheBrainPreferences.xml. If you are having trouble connecting to the Internet from PersonalBrain because of a proxy, please try editing the appropriate settings in this file and let us know if it resolves the problem for you.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed: Inaccurate clock can cause slowdown in rendering
    • Better exception handling of file selection under Windows
    • Fixed: Reports window controls sometimes become too tall when the window is resized
    • Fixed: URL icons that are not in the ICO format do not work.
    • Fixed: When the relationship between two Thoughts is changed (for example from child to parent), the link properties are lost.
    • Fixed: Thoughts with only attachments showed as having notes in the statistics
    • Fixed: Deleting a calendar event sometimes deletes the wrong event.
    • Creation of notes is disabled on virtual Thoughts if the user does not have permission to save information into the folder
    • Fixed: Sizes of columns in the attachments table are not saved when moving between a Thought with a file attachment, then to a Thought with a URL attachment, then back to a Thought with a file attachment
    • Fixed: Instant activate did not ignore the following punctuation: !@$%\"


Excellent, thanks

Michael  (now working on pblang_de.properties )

Thanks Harlan.  I installed 4200 a couple of hours ago, the database migration went pretty quickly, and everything is looking good so far.
Is the data still sharable with previous versions when using brainzip?
westbroek wrote:
Is the data still sharable with previous versions when using brainzip?

No, Brains from 4.2 cannot be migrated back to previous versions.
Just loaded up and the conversion went without a hitch.  Looks good so far.  Thanks guys.
Upgraded but alas, no help from the proxy feature in checking for updates.



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