This version speeds up navigation. There remain several areas that will be further optimized in the next few weeks...


December 12, 2007

  • Performance
    • Speed improved in the following areas:
      • Active thought loading
      • Attachment checking (in effect when virtual thoughts are on)
      • Loading single thoughts
      • Checking for foreign links when virtual thoughts are off
      • Loading thought properties
      • Loading reminders
      • Loading speed of gate indicators improved
      • Reduced animation delays due to loading of sort information
    • Note: Navigation performance can be increased significantly by turning off display of virtual thoughts
  • Fixes
    • Fixed: ESP Sync and instant activation cause exceptions that slow performance and fill the log file quickly with messages that state “Syntax error: Encountered "2" at line 1, column 12.”
    • Fixed: null exception during instant search preparation.


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