Happy new year everyone! We're starting out 2008 with a tremendous boost in the speed of PersonalBrain 4.2. This release includes many optimizations and should fix all of the major known issues.

It's up now for Windows and Linux. Sorry, the Mac version won't be up till next week.

Here are the details:



December 31, 2007

  • Performance
    • Much faster thought activation and highlighting (due to optimized loading of attachment information)
    • Database performance increased across all functions
  • Reports
    • Larger reports enabled
      • If there are more than 5000 matches, only the first 5000 are shown and a message appears at the bottom of the report, “Thoughts 1-5000”. “Previous” and “Next” buttons are available so the user can view the additional report results.
  • Search
    • Fixed: A conflict between the results filter and spelling dictionary caused certain results not to be displayed
    • Fixed: Word stemming problem: capital does not match capitalize
    • Images and other files that cannot be converted to text do not generate errors in the log files
    • Improved logging messages for converting attachments to text for indexing
    • Fixed: Indexing exceptions during attachment updating
  • Fixes
    • Fixed: When there are multiple attachments, the keyboard cannot be used to open an attachment because the enter key does not work
    • Fixed: The "Copy to Templates" command should not be added to the file context menu (when right clicking on an attachment) if the attachment is a folder
    • Fixed: Sorting of reports by activity level does not work
    • Various report queries updated
    • Fixed: Null exceptions when trying to load missing ICO files
    • Fixed: Exceptions during switching between brains are no longer thrown
    • If the database connection is closed, it is automatically reconnected.
    • Fixed: Files containing accented characters cannot be opened under Vista


Proxy does not seem to work, in fact when I create the proxy settings in the config file when PersonalBrain starts asks me for the user name and email and resets part of the preferences.

If I reopen the config file the proxy settings are reset to default, that is:
Thanks, Cheers,

Any word on when fixes for the Mac version are coming? I'd still like to test this software, but it cannot currently import correctly on Mac.


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