Hello All,

Version is available now for download. This release includes the first level of undo and redo support. Not all commands are supported yet, but almost all will be in a future release. Also includes a lot of fixes. Thanks again to everyone for your participation in the beta.


February 25, 2008

·         Undo and Redo

    • This is the first stage of support for undoing and redoing of actions in PersonalBrain. Not all commands are supported at this time. This release includes support for the following commands
      • Create Pin / Remove Pin
      • Set Home Thought
      • Forget Thought / Remember Thought
      • Rename Thought
      • Set Thought Label
      • Set Thought Keywords
      • Set Thought Private / Set Thought Public
  • System Fixes
    • If database connectivity problems occur, they are detected and fixed more rapidly

·         Changes and updates

    • The link properties dialog box shows the currently assigned color properly
    • Privacy status can be set using the selection
      • When the selection box is right clicked, a “Privacy” submenu appears with the commands “Make Private” and “Make Public”.
    • The settings for the Auto Hide Hotkey in Preferences are easier to use and understand
  • Fixes
    • Fixed: The cursor doesn’t disappear when left over top of an icon if the cursor stops moving completely
    • Fixed: Under Linux or Mac OS, retrieval of icon information can cause a NoClassDefFoundError exception
    • Fixed: Native icons under Windows are sometimes loaded more than once, which can cause PersonalBrain to run out of resources
    • Fixed: When thoughts are deleted or remembered via the forgotten thoughts dialog, the display is not updated if a new Thought is not activated
    • Fixed: Foreign characters cannot be saved in notes of virtual Thoughts
    • Fixed: If a Thought has multiple attachments and one is external but pointing to a missing file, clicking on the icon to open that attachment does not give an error message offering to update it.
    • Fixed: The path to internal attachments should not be searched – only the file name.
    • Fixed: During the conversion of information from version 4.1, foreign characters in notes are lost (this does not appear to be completely fixed and still has trouble with Chinese characters for example)

shouldn't this posting have gone into the beta-forum???



All releases are announced in this forum. The beta forum is where specific issues are covered.

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