This release fixes various issues with Since I missed posting a notice for, the changes for that version include completion of undo/redo capabilities, the ability to paste outlines constructed in Excel or other software, the ability to associate times with events, and much more. All the details below...



May 20, 2008

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: Brain doesn't load and menus are disabled if running the Free or Core editions
    • Fixed: Danish characters are not sorted correctly
    • Notes editor updated


May 16, 2008

  • Undo and Redo
    • Almost all commands that modify the content of a Brain can now be undone
    • Operations that cannot be undone are preceded with a warning that undo will not be available
    • Fixed: If you delete a typed link, undoing the delete link command does not restore the link’s type.
    • Fixed: When undoing a rename thought action, the Thought’s name in the plex is not updated
    • Fixed: Relinking two thoughts via a different gate creates two undo commands instead of just one.
  • Paste Outline
    • This command is the opposite of the “Copy Selected as Text” command and allows you to paste text formatted using tabs into an outline as Thoughts in PersonalBrain. To see a sample of how the text should be formatted, select several related Thoughts and use the Copy Selected as Text command, then paste into a text editor.
    • When duplicate names are encountered (either thoughts that already exist or thoughts that are listed more than once in the text), you will be prompted for the appropriate action, either to link to the existing Thought, create a new thought, or cancel the paste operation
    • You construct outlines for pasting into PersonalBrain easily in Excel as shown here:
  • Activate thoughts via GUID
    • Typing a GUID in to the search box and pressing enter or clicking the Search button will activate the Thought
  • Calendar and Past Due Reminders
    • Each event now has a time associated with it in addition to a date
    • The reminder window will reappear if it has been closed without dismissing or snoozing the past due events
    • Fixed: When double clicking on a reminder and one already exists it will sometimes clear the name of the wrong reminder
    • Fixed: When clicking the escape button after creating a new reminder, the wrong reminder will sometimes be removed.
    • Fixed: The reminder window does not always open at startup
    • Fixed: When you dismiss an event, the calendar does not redraw to indicate that the event is complete and the event list does not update to show the event as being checked off
    • Fixed: When changing brains immediately updates the ReminderCalendarDialog
    • Fixed: Clicking on an event in the reminder window should activate the thought and event even If the event is already selected
    • The Past Due Reminders window is centered and the layout of its controls has been improved
  • Changes
    • BrainZip extraction method updated to allow for extraction of larger BrainZips.
    • Add an option to turn off the welcome message “Welcome to TheBrain”. See Preferences > Options > General > Plex > Show welcome message
    • Increased size of foreign ID fields for linking to virtual thoughts.
    • Merging of Brains is not allowed in the Free and Trial versions.

·            Fixes

o    Fixed freezing caused by adding files with apostrophes in their name

o    Fixed: SiteBrain search export does not complete under certain circumstances

o    Fixed: When a thought is deleted, its internal file attachments should be put into the recycle bin

o    Fixed: The number of executing threads increases when switching from one Brain to another

o    Fixed: Internal attachments extracted from BrainZips are losing their last modification date

o    Fixed: Notes from 4.1 with accented characters are lost on conversion to 4.2

o    Fails gracefully when a Brain database that is not compatible due to a higher version requirement

o    Fixed: Renaming of Thoughts using the properties window can cause a “loop” of renaming events



May 9, 2008

  • Windows and Linux: fixed problem with deleting files
How many nested levels can one create in an Excel spreadsheet and have it copy properly as thoughts?

I have a rather complex nested spreadsheet and it simply will not copy.


Unicode support seems to have broken with this update. Any non english characters display incorrectly.

Any ideas?


punkmonksf wrote:
Unicode support seems to have broken with this update. Any non english characters display incorrectly.

Any ideas?

Hi Karekin,

Please post a specific example of what the problem you are experiencing is in a separate thread under the beta forum. This makes it easier for us to manage.

As for pasting from Excel, there is no limit to the number of levels, but there could be other problems going on. Please post your output.log file from your paste attempt under a separate thread also. If you can, zip up a copy of the source Excel file also so we can try it (you can email this to support@thebrain.com if your prefer). Thanks.

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