I am testing PB 4.2 beta on Leopard. Since PB for Mac OS X has no docking capabilities (really a pity) I place it maximized on a space (as suggested in the Mac OS X thread).

Unfortunately when I am in another space and press cmd + Tab to switch to the brain, only the menu bar shows up. I always need to switch to the space containing PB manually. Otherwise the plex remains hidden in the "other" space.
This is not the case with all other Mac OS X applications where using cmd + tab to select an application from another space would cause to automatically switch to that space!

I could not verify if this is also present in the non beta version, but since the lack of docking I consider this a serious problem for the day to day usability of PB

Thanks for any suggestion
Thanks so much for pointing this out, I can also confirm this exists on the non-beta version. I've also noticed other Java applications do not have this issue, such as NeoOffice. I'll forward this to our engineers.

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