The experimental release of 4.3 was very successful and is now the official beta.

Improvements in version 4.3 are focussed on speed and stability. If you have large Brain of more than a few thousand Thoughts, you should notice a significant speed increase over both 4.1 and 4.2. Problems in the 4.2 release that resulted in the need to restart PB have also been fixed.

Special thanks to all of you who tried out the 4.3 release in its experimental stage.

Here are the details of all the changes since


Version *

May 28, 2008

·         System Improvements

o    Internal ID handling uses less memory,  is faster, and has shortened prefixes

o    Database caching is more memory efficient

o    Creating large numbers of thoughts at once is faster

o    Instant search initialization is faster

·         Changes

o    Progress display has been reorganized

o    Each step of converting older PersonalBrain 4 Brains can be visually tracked

o    Automatically suggests restart after large PersonalBrain 3 conversions

·         Mac OS Changes

o    Fixed: Status messages cannot be seen

o    Window controls in the upper left corner of each tool conform better to Mac standards

§  Red button removed (since close is not available), Yellow = toggle auto hide, Green = maximize/restore

·         Fixes

o    Various fixes added to the docking layout manager



May 23, 2008

  • Speed of conversions from 4.2 is much faster
  • Fixes:
    • Saving and conversion of Unicode characters in notes works properly
    • Fixed: Issues the “can’t undo this action” warning when converting a Brain from PersonalBrain 3 format.
    • Fixed: When a thought has an icon attached to it and an image is in the clipboard, "Paste thought-icon" is disabled.
    • Fixed: In the properties Window, clicking on Display > Remove icon does not remove the icon.
    • Fixed: Using drag and drop is used to change a thought from child to jump, (by clicking and dragging the thought from the child area to the jump area) does not work anymore.



May 22, 2008

  • Changed backend
    • Increased speed of all operations
    • Fixed problems with links disappearing until a restart
    • Size of BrainZip files reduced significantly
  • Linux
    • Native look and feel used if available
  • Fixes
    • Notes menu mnemonics removed



·         Unreleased internal build

Hi Harlan,

I just upgraded to 4303 and did a conversion of my 'old' 4217 brain to see the changes.  It's nice to to see a progress bar for each step, so we can have a better idea of how much time is required.  That would also be nice to see an overall progress of all steps, because we have a better idea for each step but not for the conversion process.  Maybe a simple way would be to add a label (step x/y).

Also, the window is now smaller but we don't see all the information.  For example, it could display "0 co..." (for corrupted - see image).  If this information is useless for the user, maybe you could just simply hide it.  If this is important, I think it should be completely displayed.  Personnaly, I think that it's not important to see all the details during the conversion, but if an error occurs, a messagebox would appears at the end of the process to inform the user.

Another suggestion.  I use PB in auto-hide mode.  That would be useful to allow the main PB window to hide during the conversion process.  Actually, it takes half of my screen and it doesn't hide so I cannot do something else during the conversion because I only see the left part of my screen (PB appears in front of other apps).

Finally, a very small fix that could be done for the notes editor is to save the "Table / Hide grids" setting.  With 4302, I had checked the option to hide the table grids, but with 4303 the table grids were displayed.

Nice job for 4.3, it's really faster than any previous releases...! 

Best regards,


Click image for larger version - Name: PB_Conversion_4303.gif, Views: 304, Size: 7.52 KB
Hi, install and conversion on Suse 10.2 was successful of a base with 3151 thoughts and 8294 links. A lot of CPU use by java under the conversion.

Will there be new features in the 4.3 beta?

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)
I downloaded the for windows (both zip and exe) and their about window shows



My upgrade freezes with a corrupt brain state and an exception (see attached logfile).
The freeze is reproducable (i just retried with a backup copy). I'll also add in a screenshot...
Anyone else encountering this?
Silvan Click image for larger version - Name: Bild_1.png, Views: 261, Size: 58.92 KB
There was a problem with the conversion routine in if running Java 1.4 or Java 5... It has been fixed now in version, which is up now. Please download the new version.

To make PB redo the conversion, delete the "brain_db" folder that is inside your "BRAINNAME_brain" folder.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Quorcork works fine, thanks.

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