Version is up now and features additional redundancy for key data files.



June 3, 2008

·         Automatically backs up the database when closed after at least 30 minutes of usage

o    The backup file is located in the _brain folder and is named “brain_db.backup”

o    This backup does not contain any attachment content and is not a substitute for a backup to an external drive

o    To restore from the automatic backup in case your database becomes corrupted:

§  Close PersonalBrain

§  Backup your entire _brain folder, in case you encounter a problem during the restore

§  Rename the “brain_db” folder to “brain_db_corrupt”

§  Create a new “brain_db” folder

§  Rename the “brain_db.backup” file to “brain_db.zip”

§  Extract the contents of the “brain_db.zip” file into the “brain_db” folder

§  Start PersonalBrain as usual

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Pins created in earlier versions of PersonalBrain can’t be removed

o    Fixed: Instant search index updates during operation sometime fail

o    Removed exception in logs at startup for disabling spellchecking

o    Fixed: When programs are uninstalled or moved, or a Brain is opened on a different computer, icons may disappear since their source program can no longer be found.

o    Improved memory management for the database statement cache


When does the beta version can be the formal issued version? I am still useing version
2nd that. I want the version that has an undo to be out of beta.

Is it and I didn't hear about it?


Ron J

The beta release is getting close to becoming a release candidate, but it's not there quite yet. Sorry, it is our policy not to pre-announce releases, so we can't give you any dates. However, there's no reason not to use the beta as long as you don't mind occasional bugs and frequent updates.

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