Yes, we've settled on 4.5 as the version number for this release. It's getter very close now to becoming a release candidate.
For this version, there are lot of improvements, but most significant is that performance throughout is vastly improved. I believe this is the biggest speed increase ever since the release of 4.0. Animation looks better, things load faster, instant searches are faster, it even uses less memory.
Make sure to also try multi-word instant search. Read about it below.
Finally, the other major improvement in this release is the distant thoughts view. This may become you new favorite way to use your brain...


June 11, 2008

·         Killer Performance

o    PersonBrain’s engine has been revved up and fine tuned

o    Everything is faster including initial loading, navigation, instant activation, and Brain switching

·         Increased Scalability

o    Large Brains (over 10,000 Thoughts) use less memory and open much faster.

·         Smoother Animation

o    When activating a Thought, the animation flows more gracefully

o    Option to disable animation when activating a thought added (drag the animation speed slider in Preferences all the way to the left)

o    Performance of the distant thoughts and expanded views has been improved significantly

o    Performance during “in-between” stages of animation has been improved significantly

o    Low level rendering and caching subsystems have been re-optimized for displaying large numbers of Thoughts

·         More Powerful Instant Search

o    Instant search preparation time eliminated

§  Instant search must be prepared during after first opening a Brain that has never been opened by version 4.9.

o    Entering multiple terms (the start of two or more words separated by spaces) will find all Thoughts that contain words starting with the terms

§  For example entering “ab ge” would find the matching Thoughts “Absolute Genius”, “Generally Wonderful Abundance”, and “All About Generics” as well as any other Thoughts that have words in them that start with both “ab” as well as “ge”.

§  This feature can be used to find people by entering their initials (note each letter must be separated by a space or period)

·         Improved Distant Thoughts View

o    Cleaner and easier to read

o    Spacing is more efficient and overlaps are mostly eliminated

o    Transparency effects added

o    Switching between to the distant thoughts and normal views is now done via the Expand/Collapse All buttons on the toolbar instead of by the Change View button

·         Troubleshooting and Management

o    Automatically detects possible database corruption and suggests appropriate action

o    The automated backup is not overwritten if possible corruption has been detected

o    File > Utilities > Restore Database from Automatic Backup command added

§  This command simplifies the process of restoring from an automatic backup so that manual step are no longer necessary

·         Copy and Paste of Thoughts

o    Now supports copying and pasting large numbers of Thoughts at once

o    A progress dialog shows status messages during copy and paste operations

·         Pasting of Outlines

o    Now shows a progress dialog

o    Provides a warning if the contents of the clipboard do not seem appropriate for pasting

·         Changes and Minor Feature Additions

o    Added new tips for multi-term instant search, copy and paste and other topics

o    Forgetting no longer prompts a confirmation since it can be either undone or the forgotten Thoughts can be remembered.

o    Dragging the thumb of scroll bars in the plex is more accurate

o    The reminders dialog bog automatically selects the event due if there is only one

o    Events with no time specified are supported

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: BrainZip extraction sometime fails

o    Fixed: Thoughts that were created as part of an import can’t be deleted

o    Fixed: Pasting URIs to third party products sometimes does not work

o    Fixed: When creating a Thought, sometimes existing Thoughts are not shown if only one letter is entered

o    Fixed: When using the distant thoughts view, sometimes scroll bars do not let you scroll to the last Thought in a zone

o    Fixed: Favicons from Web sites do not appear in the plex

o    Fixed: Thoughts copied as XML can be pasted with the wrong command, resulting a many Thoughts named as lines of XML

o    Fixed: Thoughts with no name can be created if an HTML page with no title tag is dragged and dropped into PersonalBrain

o    Potential for database errors due to a caching problem has been eliminated



Restore Database from Automatic Backup worked!  Thanks

Great speed increase!

Distant thoughts used to be my favorite view, in PB 3 and prior. But in PB 4, my favorite view has been Expanded. 4.5 definately arranges thoughts faster and settles quicker then prior version of 4! Great stuff!
More Powerful Instant Search
o Instant search preparation time eliminated
o Entering multiple terms (the start of two or more words separated by spaces) will find all Thoughts that contain words starting with the terms

A zillion thanks!
The Plex is much more smooth now, but creating and deleting links is a little SLOW on my Ubuntu...

It took about 1 hour and 20 minutes to unlink 1500 links for my main brain with 82,000 links.
Thank you to all the PB folks for the update.  The changes to the distant thoughts view are great.

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