After running for just under 3 hours, with light usage, in auto-hide (top), in expanded view, I got a random crash. In fact, it crashed while it was hidden!

Don't know what's going on with, as these random "I'll just be crashing now" problems had disappeared several releases ago (last seen in 4.2 series). It would be very bad to have them return at this point. I like being able to work 9 hours in Personal Brain using expanded mode and not have it crash.

From a user standpoint, the RC series has been a serious step backwards compared to the prior non-RC series.
The type of crash you are describing sounds like it is a problem with the Java VM on your machine. Please look in your PersonalBrain program folder for a hs_err_pid????.log. If you find one of these for each crash, then the above diagnosis is accurate. Please send them to support@thebrain.com and we can take a look to suggest further action. With these types of crashes they are not occurring inside of the PersonalBrain code, but rather the underlying system and are typically related to hardware drivers and/or the version of the Java VM.

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