I just noticed the following details within the "Reports":
  • it's not possible to select "untyped" thoughts - nota bene: select "all types" is possible...
  • imho "Reports" and "Search" should be merged - but this has been already discussed before, now I'm just looking forward to what will come ...
  • you only can select one thought out of "Reports" to be active, but there is no further functionality, right?
    Especially you can NOT:
    • add a thought to the selection out of "Reports", e.g. by Ctrl-ClickLeftMouseBtn,
    • apply further functions to the thoughts marked in the "Reports", e.g. by ClickRightMouseBtn: change type, forget, add to or remove from selection etc.
Btw: the entries within the Thought Menu on the Selection related to "Reports" are not yet really usable to me: I do not want to add/remove all listed "Reports"-entries but only those marked within "Reports" ...

Kind regards,

Some relevant points I'd like to raise regarding reports:

Reports do not show nested hierarchies of types where nesting is greater than two (supertype and type). for example I have the 'super' type: "connection". It has a variety of sub types: (ie, power, video, etc). the "power" type has sub types: "115v", "12v", etc. When I generate a report for the type "connection", I also see "power" and "video", but I do not see "115" or "12v". To see these latter types, I have to report on "power". I'd really like to see all the sub-types, down to any level, in one report generated on the top level type. It would be even better if the report could be nested, so sub-types were listed under and indented from their supertype.

Lack of output ability: Print, export, copy, etc

I must admit that until I started to write this post, I hadn't looked at the new(?) integration between reports and selection. It really is a powerful combination. The ability to maintain two independent but interworking lists adds a lot of flexibility in working with the plex.

Still looking for that "between dates" filter. It would also be useful for the reports to show the actual dates and times in the output. Then a screen capture or other input could be used to bill clients.

Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.
We have added the ability to right-click on thought in Reports to the next release as well as the ability to Control+Click to add/remove from the selection. Many of the other ideas raised here are planned for future releases.

In terms of merging search and reports, this is not likely to happen because the two are fundamentally a different operation. Search uses a word index while reports runs queries to the database. Interaction between the two is possible of course by doing a report, adding the report to the selection and then running a search against the selection.

Tim, I could not replicate the problem you mentioned of all levels of subtypes not appearing in the report. This should be working properly. For example, if you have a thought which is type 'housecat', which is type 'feline', which it type 'mammal', selecting a report on all instances of 'mammal' will display instances of 'housecat'. Please verify that your super-types are setup correctly and let me know if this continues to be an issue.


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