On floating and reintegrating panes, the left side of the plex became static and maintained an image of previous actions. This includes prior thought sets, the windows start menu, or other windows dragged accross as per image.

28 minutes later... It appears to be caused by the following actions. With the plex on the right screen, and panes neatly arranged on the left screen then double clicking the plex hides the panes as expected. Double clicking the plex reveals the panes on the left screen only now the arrangement changes slightly and the panes extend in size seemingly expanding slightly to the right. Repeatedly double clicking the plex just a few times expands the pane sizes further to the right until the point that there is an overhang between screens onto the plex region on the right hand screen. Double clicking to remove the panes leaves the previously covered plex region as a dead zone which becomes unresponsive to plex movement but seems to accept an imprint of external activity as below.

Closing and restarting clears the anomoly.

Java 1.6.0 (build 1.6.0_02-b06)
OS XP2002 SP2

Click image for larger version - Name: plex_shifting.JPG, Views: 42, Size: 14.64 KB Click image for larger version - Name: plex_shifting2.JPG, Views: 42, Size: 11.29 KB
TB8022 32bit
Java 32bit Version 8 Update 141

Firefox, Office 2013 Pro Plus 32bit
64bit Win10Pro
64bit Primary Laptop, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i7
64bit Secondary Laptop, 64GB RAM, Intel Xeon E3
Brain user since zygote

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