Hi there,

  • Acitve thought has (multiple) attachments
  • try to delete a selected file in the "properties & Attachment" window by clicking the red "x"
  • the file is not deleted
After that i can open the thought-folder and can delete the file through file system.
But PB seems to be confused. If i activate another thought with file attachments, the "property & attachment" window is not refreshed. Clicking the "open thought folder" icon opens a completly different thought folder.

Exit and Restart of PB leads to the message that the Database is already opened / connected by PB so that I can't open the Brain. Situation is solved by comlepte reboot of my computer.

The described situation was reproduceable.
System: Win XP
Java 1.6

If you need more informations... just tell me.

Kind regards,

Thanks for pointing this out.  If the problem can be re-produced, please do so and send a copy of the Program Files/PersonalBrain/output.log file, after the errors start to occur.

Thank you,


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