The window does not show the snooze area, regardless of how far -down- I pull down the resizing box.   Only when I pull it -wide- do I see the buttons.    The problem is that the "Click to snooze..." text is not collapsing.  Perhaps shortening the text to "Remind me in:"

While on the subject, can you please allow the past due reminders window to be fixed in another place in the screen?  It happens that it opens right in the same location as the thought search pop-up.  If you notice on the second graphic, I have shrunk the P&A window to the point that I only see two lines of content, yet  this is not  low enough to avoid the conflict between the pop-up windows.

I have again started to use the calendar (after giving up a while back) and so far it is looking good (it is usable).

Click image for larger version - Name: PastDue.jpg, Views: 72, Size: 42.16 KB Click image for larger version - Name: PastDuePopup.jpg, Views: 73, Size: 108.52 KB
Thanks. Text has been changed - the location of the dialog box will be revised in a future release.

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