Mostly fixes and tweaks, plus some minor new features, including capture image to clipboard.


May 11, 2010

·         Transparent Brain Mode

o    Resize icon shows mouse cursor hint on mouse-over

o    On Windows, entering transparent mode does not remove the window from the task bar

o    Added accelerator to enter transparent mode

o    When closed in transparent mode, PersonalBrain will resume in the same mode and position

·         Menus

o    Moved Presentation and Transparent mode entries to Window menu on Windows

o    New attachment context menus added – right-click on the attachment icon in the to show this menu

§  Most attachment related items have been moved here from the Thought context menu

·         Capture Image to Clipboard

o    Allows you to capture an image from any part of your screen that is placed onto the clipboard

o    Paste the image as an attachment, into notes, as a Thought icon, or into another program           

o    Added to the Edit menu

·         Fixes

o    Changes made to auto-hide mode settings (hopefully this will address problems with not hiding)

o    Fixed: Database update status may not be registered in the automatic backup, resulting in BrainZips that mistakenly try to re-run updates

o    Fixed resource errors referencing WebBrain instead of PersonalBrain

o    Validates window position on entering/exiting transparent and mini modes, preventing the window drag handle from being placed off-screen

o    Fixed: When the PersonalBrain window is not active, dragging a thought does not show proper feedback (the thought stays still)

o    Fixed: The instant activate search box and results pane can be resized to nothing

o    Fixed: Double clicks on scroll buttons should not maximize/minimize the plex

o    Fixed: Dates on messages from Apple mail are incorrect in search results

o    Fixed: Wallpaper is not loaded when a brain is moved from its original location

o    Fixed: The types list incorrectly redraws when the properties window is narrow

o    Fixed: The open attachment dialog flashes when Shift+Enter is used on a Thought with multiple attachments

o    Fixed: Links to indicate the source Thought are not shown when a Thought creation is initiated via menu or keyboard command

o    Fixed: English cannot be set as the default language if the system locale matches another existing language

o    Installer ensures the minimum version of Java is 6u14

o    If the installer downloads Java, it is setup as a shared JRE

o    When a brain that older than the trial period is opened, the user is informed that pro features will not be available



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