Fixes a problem where registration information is lost spontaneously. Unforunately, this fix requires re-activating PersonalBrain again. I know I said the last time would be the last time, but this time I mean it - and if we didn't make this change, re-activation would have been necessary anyway because of the problem this fixes. Sorry again - that's why it's beta...

Also, we made a change to the registration process so that you should not have any problems with the server refusing your activation.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.


May 16, 2010

·         Activation

o    Fixed: Registration information is spontaneously lost under certain circumstances

§  PersonalBrain will have to be re-activated if it was previously activated on any prior version of 6.0. Unfortunately this is necessary to prevent registration information from being lost.

o    The activation process has been changed so that activations during the beta period will always be approved by the server

·         Removed unneeded step from installer

·         Localization

o    Includes updated German language resources

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Problems with create Thought dialog always on top status

o    Fixed: Problems with functions that cycle through all Thoughts

o    Fixed: Various bugs in notes editor



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