This release fixes problems with Outline and Expanded views and introduces Visible Thought Types. Visible Thought Types makes using and editing Types easier and faster by putting them into the plex just like other thoughts except that they are hidden when not active... Try it and let us know what you think.



May 26, 2010

·         Visible Thought Types

o    Thought Types are now visible as special Thoughts, similar to Tag Thoughts.

o    To activate a type, use instant activate or select Type > Activate from the Properties & Attachments tool

o    Type Thoughts are displayed in the plex with all their instances as children

o    Types have a dotted outline to distinguish them from normal thoughts

o    Types can be edited by activating them and using the Properties & Attachments tool, just like any other Thought

o    Similarly, Types can be deleted by activating them, then deleting them via the Thought menu or via the context menu

o    When a Type is created, it is activated so that you can set its properties easily

o    Like Tag Thoughts, Type Thoughts are only displayed in the plex when they are active and thus do not clutter the plex unnecessarily

o    To set a Thought’s type, link to the type as a parent. You can also still set the type using the menus and the via the Properties and Attachments tool of a Thought.

o    A Thought’s type can be removed by unlinking it.

o    Instances of a Type can be created/linked by dragging from the child gate of a Type Thought

o    Supertypes can be created/linked by dragging from the parent gate of a Type Thought

o    If you want to reuse the Types you have created in one Brain you can copy and paste them from one Brain to another just like other Thoughts

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Opening a BrainZip when no other Brain is open fails

o    Fixed: Assigning a Super Type to a Thought with many subtypes causes PB to freeze

o    Fixed: Switching Brains while in Outline or Expanded views causes problems with the display

o    Fixed: Sometimes Thoughts are not arranged in the correct order when not in normal view

o    Fixed: Various issues with the notes editor

o    Fixed: Cursor flashes when moved over corner buttons


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