This release includes many optimizations as well as a few minor new features and lots of fixes.



June 4, 2010

·         Increased Speed

o    Increased speed of all operations, particularly on Brains with many tags and types

·         Customizable date format for notes

o    To customize the format used when inserting the date and time into notes, use the command in the File menu of notes.

·         Improved sorting

o    Thoughts with numbers in their name sort by numerical order if they are otherwise equal up to that point. For example, “Thought 9” will appear before “Thought 10”

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Copy of thought attachments does not work properly

o    Fixed: Linking to pins does not update the display correctly, causing thoughts to temporarily disappear in transparent mode.

o    Improved WebBrain sync error handling

o    Fixed: Can’t open or add attachments to Tag thoughts using some methods

o    Fixed: Minor errors in Dutch text resources

o    Fixed: Cancel of preferences does not cancel text changes

o    Added more information improve interpretation of log messages

o    Fixed: If a pin is created via drag and drop it cannot be removed until the brain is closed

o    Fixed: Instant activate results don't hide after switching brains

o    Fixed: Problem with trimming of thought names in the create thought dialog

o    Fixed: Transparent mode un-maximizes the plex before switching

o    Minor fixes for adding results to the selection

o    Removed null exceptions when a brain is closed

o    Fixed: Tips in French and Japanese do not display correctly

o    Fixed: Japanese resources may not work correctly when launched in Windows Vista or 7

o    Fixed: Possible error causing increased CPU usage when updating attachment index

o    Fixed: Keywords from brains created in PB 3.0 do not get imported as tags

o    Fixed: Spellchecking of thoughts in the creation dialog does not work


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