This release adds more optimizations and a variety of fixes.


June 8, 2010

·         Increased Speed

o    Faster performance of non-plex operations that show Thoughts such instant activation results, advanced search results, calendar, and reports

·         Transparent Mode

o    Once you have setup transparent mode in the position you like, it will default to that location the next time you enter transparent mode

·         Copy and Paste Fixes

o    Fixed: Paste of thoughts that have the same GUID as a thought that was deleted does not work correctly

o    Fixed: Default color and privacy settings are not copied correctly

o    Fixed: The status message has the incorrect number of thoughts modified and created

·         Other Fixes

o    Fixed: Empty files named “notify” are added to the attachments list spontaneously

o    Fixed: Thought backgrounds show even when they are turned off in preferences

o    Possible fix for losing icons when sync is done

o    Fixed: Missing images can cause loading of other images to be delayed

o    Fixed: Problem with detecting if wallpaper is in use

o    Fixed: When a thought type is created the plex is not always refreshed properly

o    Fixed: Loading of tips text in window when no brain is open is not working for Japanese and other languages

o    Fixed: When a pin is created using drag and drop, it cannot be removed until you close and re-open the brain

o    Fixed: Can create cyclic inheritance by creating a parent thought from a type

o    Fixed: The tip about how to arrange Thoughts is incorrect



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