This release contains some significant user interface improvements including easier editing of Thought Types, better tools layout, and several other small changes to enhance your productivity.

Additionally, new commands have been added including: automatic discovery of related Thoughts, link analysis of your Brain to find the most important Thoughts, and more.

See all the details below.


June 19, 2010

·         Thought Types Window

o    Provides a centralized place to see and manage Thought types

o    Create types without the need to assign them to a Thought

o    Review, edit, and delete types easily

o    Available under the Options menu

·         Thought Tool

o    Properties & Attachments tool has been renamed to Thought tool

o    Design has been completely redone for simplicity and compactness

·         Other User Interface Improvements

o    Details tab removed and placed into the Thought menu

o    Improved look and feel of Thoughts in the selection box

o    Create Thought dialog has a larger edit box

o    New icon for adjusting colors of Thoughts and links

o    Improved menu mnemonics

·         Attachments

o    New command: Copy Attachment into Brain

o    Attachments submenu added to the Thought menu

·         Select Related Thoughts

o    Shows quick summary of concepts that are shared between your Brain and the content of the attachments by selecting the Thoughts mentioned in the text of the chosen attachments

o    This command is available from the attachment context menu, the Thought > Attachments menu, and the Thought icon context menu

·         ESP Sync

o    Faster and more sensitive

·         File > Utilities > Analyze Main Thoughts

o    Performs a link analysis to determine the relative importance of Thoughts within this Brain

o    The most important Thoughts are presented in a list and are highlighted within the plex using a circle whose size shows the relative importance of the Thought

o    To clear the circular highlights, select the Hide Main Analysis command from the Utilities menu

o    Note: this command can take over a minute to execute on a large Brain

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Notes changes made on WebBrain.com are not displayed when synchronized back to PersonalBrain

o    Fixed: Unlinking to remove tags does not work

o    Fixed: The prompt for overwriting tags does not show the tag name properly

o    Fixed: Pasting a URL via the “Paste into Plex” accelerator should not prompt for pasting as an outline

o    Non-applicable paste commands removed from Edit menu

o    Fixed: Transparent mode should not appear in background menu if not supported

o    Fixed: Layout issues in date format dialog box

o    Fixed: Pins of tag thoughts are not converted correctly from version 5.5

o    Fixed: Inaccurate tag usage count shown in the tags tool

o    Fixed: Cancel of paste causes inability to dismiss progress window



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