This release includes one of the top most requested features, the ability to add links to Thoughts in notes. Also by request, accelerators for key preferences that you may want to quickly toggle, and a "Snooze All" button for reminders.



July 2, 2010

·         Links to Thoughts in Notes

o    To insert a link to a Thought

§  Enter the name of the Thought to be linked, select it, and press the “Insert Link to a Thought” button

o    To follow a link to a Thought

§  Hold down the control key and click on the link

o    Once the link has been created, the text of the link can be changed and the Thought can be renamed without breaking the link.

·         Added accelerators for the following preferences

o    Hide tag hints

o    Draw links

o    Show siblings

o    Copy/cut/paste notes as text always

·         Additional Changes

o    “Snooze All” button added to reminders dialog

o    Added File > Import > Text Outline command

§  This command supports importing a text outline using the same formatting as is used when pasting a text outline

o    Edit > Copy as Text Outline with Notes also includes URLs in the copied text

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Highlight Thoughts does not update tools when plex is in transparent mode

o    Fixed: Brains will not upload to WebBrain if they are the only Brain in use or if they have just been created

o    Fixed: Pressing F2 to rename a pin or past thought places the dialog in the wrong location

o    Fixed: The switch name and label command is not disabled properly when there is no label

o    Fixed: Notes menu does not appear in transparent mode

o    Fixed: Tags are not applied to the correct thought when thought was activated through reports

o    Fixed: The tag properties dialog opened from the tags tab is not correct

o    Fixed: Thought colors do no update correctly in the pins and past thoughts list when privacy status is changed

o    Fixed: The transparent mode button can overlap the pins

o    Various calendar optimizations and fixes

o    Fixed: Problems when an event is changed from a repeating to a non-repeating event

o    Fixed: Google calendar sync has problems with all day events


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