This release adds an oft requested feature to maintain the cursor position in notes when moving from Thought to Thought. There are also fixes for some minor problems with Thought links in notes and various other issues



July 7, 2010

·         Notes Editor

o    Links to Thoughts in Notes

§  When a link to Thought that does not exist is clicked, the option to remove it is given

§  Fixed: Assigning a new Brain GUID breaks links in notes

§  Fixed: The insert command is case-sensitive

§  Fixed: Links do not work in exported SiteBrains

o    Remembers the position of the text caret when the editor is updated

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Dragging of thoughts in the plex to rearrange them sometimes does not work

o    Fixed: Can't add/delete attachments to tags

o    Fixed: Attachments on tags do not show the full context menu with copy/move into, etcetera

o    Fixed: Restore button on splitter in transparent mode does not work sometimes

o    Fixed: Tab positions appear on top in advanced tools layout

o    Fixed: Tags popup can appear off-screen

o    Fixed: Sometimes icons don’t appear on typed thoughts after opening a BrainZip until the Brain is closed and re-opened

o    Fixed: Dragging to reorder pins does not work

o    Fixed: When activating a child thought then returning to the parent, the scroll position of the child thoughts changes

o    Fixed: Tags menu is not drawn in the correct colors when the option to apply colors to Thought backgrounds is enabled

o    Fixed: The “Untyped” entry in the Types menu is not drawn with the correct background color when the option to apply colors to Thought backgrounds is enabled



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