Just upgraded w/o problems on Mac OS from 5 Pro to 6 Pro, activating PB and upgrade of by brains went fine.

Now I've tried to upgrade on Windows as well.
First issue - I can't use the activation file I've downloaded (on Mac ...) for the Windows thing. Kind of ... invalid file ...
?? TheBrain Purchasing FAQ tells me "Multiple OS Support - license is valid for use by a single user on any two computers" ??

So, using Windows I tried to obtain an activation file, using the serial number I got before (on Mac...). Here I got the message "Your request has timed out, please try again" - I already got this some days ago while trying to download the software.

How do I get my activation file for windows? Do I have to purchase a second license for Windows?



Thanks for posting.


First issue - I can't use the activation file I've downloaded (on Mac ...) for the Windows thing

You're right. What you are doing is correct and you do need to download a new activation file for Windows. It appears that your request has simply timed out. Please try it again and if you are still unable to download your activation file, please send us the URL which PB opens in your web browser's address bar to That way we can send you your activation file while we continue to investigate this issue.

By the way, if you can let us know the web browser you are using (including version#) and your Operating System that would be very helpful.



I've got it! Your hint concerning the URL was the key ...

My standard browser is Firefox 3.6, here I'm getting the timeout, but only on Windows (Java J-1.6.0-19).

Then I tried to open the URL using the MS Internet Explorer 6, getting the message "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet Site ... Operation aborted". Just to mention - the screen "Activate PersonalBrain" was already visible at this point of time. The timeout seems to be related to some local restriction?

So I used the URL on Mac (Firefox 3.6, Mac OS X 10.6.4), got the activation file (for Windows) and could activate PB 6 on Windows. My problems is solved!

Thanks a lot!


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