In at least some screen configurations, the thought name in the 6.0 "Thought" tab is greatly truncated as compare to 5.5 in the same configuration.

(Apparently the space made available for lengthening the instant search text was taken from the thought name display )

Please fix this to work at least as well as 5.5:

1) I would prefer that this box dynamically rearrange as the screen layout is changed. 

2) If not dynamic,
I greatly prefer the three line format of 5.5 (as regards field lengths)

P.S. I like the larger thought type icon of 5.5 better, too.

I get acceptable search behavior with long thought names, but now in 6.0 they're truncated in the Thought tab (sigh).

Parenthetically (that's my nice word for "incessant drumbeat"), my thought names could be shorter if there were an "index keywords" field for each thought, or if types or tags appeared were indexed for Instant Search .  The 4.x tags as I recall worked this way until "tags" became "Tags".

Click image for larger version - Name: 5_5_and_6_0_thought_name_field.PNG, Views: 212, Size: 76.36 KB
I would still like to see the thought name truncation issue fixed.

I've just downloaded, and while the attachment icon is larger (good), the though icon above is still too small and the thought name is greatly truncated.

Please fix especially the thought name truncation issue still in effect in / Windows.

I would also still like to see the though name icon returned to a larger size.


Click image for larger version - Name: still_too_short_in_6.0.2.9.PNG, Views: 169, Size: 24.25 KB
Surely the solution has to be to revert to the full window width for the thought name, rather than making it share the same space with another data field.
Alan Rhodes
Cornan, Thanks for positing. I have put in a request with our developers to have this changed in a future release.

Thanks for the reply, Moe,

I hope this won't take too long to fix as this part of the display took a step backwards from 5.5.
Hum, I actually prefer it. It gives me much more room and simplifies the layout.
Then again, it may make a bit more sense to have the layout as:

Line 1: Icon; Thought Name; Color Wheel
Line 2: Label; Switch Arrow; Type; Type Arrow Thingy; Private
Line 3: Attachment Buttons; Sort Button

Hum, I may have talked myself into it...

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
THX for support, zenrain.

I think it has to be dynamic, as the tools layout is quite flexible, and users might have 4:3, 16:9 landscape and 16:9 portrait mode monitors (I have all three!).

On my 16:9 portrait monitor I lay out PersonalBrain like this:

Tags  |   other tools

On other monitors I tend to use:

Notes  | tags (1 column) | other tools

In all cases the Properties & Attachments tab ("Thought" in 6.0) occupies only 1 of 3 or 1 of 2 side-by-side panels; I never give it the full screen width.

FYI, the latest release alters the layout automatically when a long thought name is present. Thanks for the feedback.
Thanks, Harlan.  That top line was really getting cramped.  I hope the thought icon will regain a few pixels, too.

When I can find a minute I'm going to add votes to or create an item for more user control of the instant search, as this would allow shorter thought names.

Things like restoring the "old tags" field as an "index keywords" field / thought types words, etc.

You've heard it from me before
Cornan is much better (thanks) - the main issue is fixed.

The icon area at left looks a bit off on my system.  FYI.

I'm still not fond of the current fix to be partially dynamic (it's an improvement over "always truncates", but still not as good as 5.5):
  • Navigate to a thought whose name is short enough for the "one row" version of thought name and label.
  • Make the thought name longer
  • The thought name and label are still displayed on one row with much of the thought name hidden.
If it's really important to the developers to save the space used by the 5.5 version of thought name and label, then I could tolerate the display re-arranging while I'm typing (i.e. making the thought name longer and shorter).

For me, seeing the whole thought name is more important than having a static display. 

I can imagine that a user lengthening and shortening a thought name just at the threshold could make the interface flip back and forth from one line to two line mode, but I think this would be quite rare.

Personally, I would only very rarely shorten the thought name (thus making a dynamic interface "jiggle"), until PB adds an index keys field (requested several times elsewhere) to a thought to allow a thought to be easily reached without a long thought name.  This is how I recall the 4.x tags feature working before it was removed and replaced with a different feature also called "tags".


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