1. Make text superscript then make it subscript.  The text returns to the normal position and does not become subscript.  No one would really do this intentionally, but it probably should work that "superscript" is superscript, and "subscript" is subscript.


2. When replacing super/subscripted text by backspacing over it and typing again, the line spacing suddenly gets all weird.

Scripting 2.gif 

3. In the underline/strikethrough/sub/superscript dropdown, there's no reason to also have tooltips.  The tooltips are about the same length as the menu items and just sit next to the menu repeating what the menu already says.

  Screenshot of TheBrain (4-20-16, 4-21-49 PM).png    

Keen observations.  I've replicated and am in the process of documenting these now.

Thank you,

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