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Release notes would be helpful, to know what changed.
korm wrote:

Release notes would be helpful, to know what changed.

Version 9.0.75

January 11, 2015

  • Fixes
    • Crash on startup if unknown key identifiers are placed into bindings file
    • Crash on startup when running on Surface 4
    • New fix for when forgotten thoughts are disabled, siblings via a forgotten parent do not disappear (#1604)


Version 9.0.74

January 7, 2015

  • New Features
    • Login screen allows password reset and creation of new accounts
    • Pasting multiple lines of text into the create thought dialog creates multiple thoughts (#1701)
    • Drag and drop of an attachment to an existing thought automatically selects that content tab for the new attachment if there are no other attachments
    • Search results are displayed for matches on links
    • Preference added for update channel to enable switching between the Alpha, Beta and Stable channels (#1961)
    • Folder attachments
      • The contents of internal folders are now synced
      • Internal folders are imported correctly from TheBrain 8 (#1883)
      • Warning: This feature is incomplete at this time and may produce unexpected results when copying thoughts or links that contain folder attachments or attempting to undo/redo actions related to folder attachments
      • Improvements
        • Instant search is more responsive
        • Search results sorting puts most relevant thought matches first and then sorts alphabetically (#1956)
        • Lists of thoughts (search results, types and tags lists, reports) are larger and easier to read
        • Better troubleshooting during importing of Brain from TheBrain 8 (saves orphaned attachments)
        • Fixes
          • Compact toolbar should show Back/Forward buttons
          • Can’t paste a thought that will replace the active thought
          • FPS counter should not be displayed unless debugging
          • Cannot copy and paste Thoughts, Types, and Tags at the same time (#1852)
          • Right clicking on a pin and selecting Properties doesn't work correctly (#1942)
          • TheBrain finding search results when it shouldn't. (#1920)
          • Brain Names in the Brain List that have been changed are not updating (#356)
          • Closing a Brain will not preserve a right side or bottom plex orientation (#1916)
          • Copy Thoughts crashes when Types have parent Types (#1857)
          • Failed Import of Customer's Brain (#1772)
          • Focus doesn't remain on the Add Attachment (+) tab when resizing (#1549)
          • Rename Brain Does Not Rename Currently Open Brain Tab (#1576)
          • Report > Time > Switching radio options moves popup ever downward (#1588)
          • Search results for links do not display or activate properly (#1879)
          • Thought properties dialog text height does not match thought height (#1603)
          • When a brain is imported, all thought folders are locked and internal attachments cannot be added (#1930)
          • Account dialog popup needs a new image for "add account" (#1595)
          • Report > Clicking "Add All to Selection Box" twice will clear the selection box (#1298)
          • Right click on gate triggers gate highlight that is not dismissed (#1504)
          • Cannot Search for a Thought that starts with a Special Character (#1275)
          • Search sometimes doesn't find thoughts if there are many matches to the first term (#1915)
          • Cannot pin Tags and Types (#1483)
          • Navigating to Thought Type from Toolbar Button - history arrows in toolbar do not refresh (#1551)
          • "Sync this Brain Automatically" feature re-sets when the app is re-started. (#1794)
          • Do not allow adding an invalid URL (#1745)
          • Long Brain Name does not display properly. (#1301)
          • Search result font size is too small (#1907)
          • Instant activate/search takes longer to respond than in TheBrain 8 (#1913)
          • Copy thought via context menu - message in notification area says: "" copied to clipboard (#1715)
          • Thought name does not appear in paste thought notification (#1675)
          • When forgotten thoughts are disabled, siblings via a forgotten parent do not disappear (#1604)
          • It should not be possible to forget/delete the home thought (#1823)
          • User account names are missing when creating account (#1827)
          • Do not allow use of email or username that is already taken on (#1829)
          • Windows are no longer being properly disposed on tab dock (#1437)
          • Import of Thought Icons that are not .png is broken (#1889)
          • Can't login to TheBrain using a long password or a password that contains special characters. (#1923)
          • Non HTTP/HTTPS links cause crash when embedded browser is enabled (Evernote for example) (#1929)
          • Windows Specific
            • Fixes
              • Sometimes attachment search does not work
              • File attachment > Show in Explorer does not work (#1802)
              • Mac OS X Specific
                • Fixes
                  • Keyboard bindings for Backspace and Delete keys do not show in menus (#1711)
                  • Keyboard bindings for create child/parent/jump conflict with existing bindings
                    • In order for this fix to take effect, from Finder, press Cmd+Shift+G, then type “~/.TheBrain/v9”
                    • Delete the file “InputBindings.txt” and restart TheBrain 9
      • Crash caused by missing file preview
      • Dropping an email from mail application into TheBrain leads to crash (#1886)

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