I can't import my main brain any longer because my startup disk is full/filing.

(The import process seems to create temporary files in the SOURCE folder (as I moved my v9 brains to a secondary disk, but 9.075 import still fills my startup disk (and I'm stuck again :/)).

Ah and I tried to re-import this brain (after deleting it's local copy) because I still got that same "unknown error" when trying to sync it.
Still can't sync this brain.

And I'm "losing" about 2GB space for each try.

How can I reclaim those ?

Can't seem to find where/what files TB creates.

And my cleaner (Clean My Mac 3) doesn't find it either.
Discussed on other threads, but I want to mention it here as well:

Hard Drive Space:  the content of the "Logs", "Temp", and "Working" folders can be deleted when V9 is not running. They should not be deleted when V9 is running.

Would you be interested in sharing a copy of this Brain for internal testing?

These folder are normally cleared automatically unless something goes wrong. The next version will automatically clear these on startup.
Harlan and Matt,

As we're in beta, I can live with / understand those leftovers.

But it's good to know where they are in order to be able to manually manage it for now.

Given the space it requires for the import in particular, I think you should consider allowing us to set some "temp" variable to point at that "Working" forder.

I can see you/us running into problems even when you'll clear up those leftovers at startup (that will solve to "leftover" problem, but will not solve the "lack of free space" one).

Documentation should mention TB creates temporary files at various stages (import being one of it) and so that "Temp" folder should be pointing at some place where we can afford to create those GBs.
(I don't want that Temp folder to reside on my main bootup disk (ending up with "your bootup partition is full" messages (ever tried to recover an OSX installation that can't boot up because its bootup partition is full ? [tongue]))).

Just my 2 cts ...

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