Now, Notes editor is powerful and has a lot of features. Still, it would be great to add a couple more:
1) very simple - keyboard shortcut for "Edit - paste special - as plain text". Or at least just for "Paste Special". Really, this is very usual operation, and the necessity every time open upper menu by mouse etc is tiring (...
2) more complex - add please in "View" option to see Note smoller or larger. Usual thing, when you can see page at 100% size, or bigger / smaller. There is very good reason for that: in many notebook screens text in Notes looks too tiny! It is really hard to read it, and nothing can be done with that except really selecting all the text in the Note and making font larger [frown] When you sift through dozens of notes it is not a solution. Besides, if you make your notes to 20th font size, they will look stupid on bigger monitors. So please, standard option to change % of view size would be really good for usage!

I will share these sugegstions with our engineering team. Thanks.

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