This is a pretty lonely forum. A year and no post! Doesn't anybody using The Brain use Android?

I have been using the Brain since PC version 4 or 5... can't remember precisely, but it has been a while. So when the tablet versions came out I was immediately interested, and I installed the Android beta version last year. I am using a Samsung Note Pro 12.2.

I posted my first impressions on the beta forum, which were: "that I could not sync locally via a USB cable, and that there is no pen input available". This was noted by the forum moderator at the time, but a year on and nothing has been improved or changed....

I see that on the IOS forum, the same issues are also discussed, so it is not only an operating system topic. See: 6833699?pid=1286064945#post1286064945

What is happening with those "apps"? Are they still in development?

I believe most people are still using Google + for posting Android related items, although it appears it hasn't been to busy lately either. 
And yes, we have received confirmation that they are currently working on the next versions of TheBrain desktop as well as Android and iOS mobile versions. They will be released around the same time, but no ETA at this point. See this thread for more information. [smile]
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 10.0.54

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