My first clean install of a new version of MacOS/OSX.  I began using Macs in 2005 and with each new Mac, I've used a Time Machine restore to migrate.  This year, another new Mac, but I've decided to do a clean install.  It's a week and a half and I'm about done.

Working on TheBrain (I have a Cloud Services subscription).  I just installed TheBrain 9.1 from your website, and invoked it.  It asks for my user login; I did so and it immediately went to the cloud and allowed me to "open" (download) each of my brains, one at a time.  I wasn't expecting this - thought I'd have to copy data from my Documents folder on the old Mac, but there you go.  I have what looks like my brains on the new Mac.

Am I missing anything?  I thought I've have to copy brain files from old to new Mac.  So is the download of the brain data from the cloud the complete migration?  I'm not missing some small bit of data, like settings, etc. that are still only on the old Mac???

Thanks for any help.
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My understanding is this is exactly how a new installation should work. ðŸ™‚

However, I always recommend spot checking each of your new brains against your old brains on your old Mac (if possible), just to look for anything that might appear to be out of order. For example, comparing numbers of thoughts, types, tags, images, icons, report results, etc.)

FWIW, several months ago I tried to restore (into TB8) a megabrain created in TB8 on Windows -- and (unfortunately) I did not have very good luck with my download from the cloud, so I (eventually) did have to restore from a backup.

However, I hasten to add, TB9 and TB9 cloud both operate completely differently (and ideally much more reliably) than TB8 and TB8 web brain, so it sounds like you are probably good-to-go! ðŸ™‚

In the meantime, hopefully some other Mac users will weigh in on this with any other hints/tips that might be specific to your platform.

If your Brain was set to automatically sync on the old Mac, then the cloud version should be completely up to date, and the downloaded Brain would contain all your data. As was suggested it would be a good idea to check for any missing information. If the downloaded version is out of date, we can manually restore the Brains, but it will take a few steps.

Cheers, Sean
Preferences (TheBrain > Preferences) are not currently synced via the cloud, so that would be the only thing you are missing (assuming you had your Brains set to sync automatically as Sean mentioned). There is presently no way migrate those except for keyboard shortcuts. If you had custom shortcuts setup, open up preferences on your old Mac and export them, then import them on your new Mac.
Thanks, everyone.  I'll go through the preferences on the old Mac.  I've gone through the brain data and everything looks good.  
Simplify, Simplify, Simplify - Thoreau

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