When I set the UI layout for any brain that deviates from the standard (Plex left/ Notes right), this layout is maintained the next time I open TheBrain provided that the brain was open when shutting down TheBrain. So far, so good.

This is not the case when opening a closed brain.
  1. Open a closed brain
    > the brain opens by default with Plex on the left and Notes on the right
  2. Click on the symbol to rotate the UI layout clockwise.
    > Plex appears above, Notes below
  3. Close this brain's tab
  4. Open this brain again
    > The default layout appears: Plex on the left, Notes on the right
    Expected behavior: the brain opens with the last UI layout it had before it was closed.

Workaround: If you want to preserve your UI layout for a brain, never close a tab! 😫

(This gets even more interesting in TheBrain10, where you can duplicate tabs. The duplicated tab does preserve the UI layout of the original tab, but opening the same brain in a new tab will always default to the standard layout.)

- Michael
TheBrain beta / 9.1.x / / (PB) 6 || Win7

I wish there was a way to preserve these settings in the brain itself. I've added a considerable section to my main brain explaining how things work, for those who come after me.
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | InstaPaper | Liner | PrintFriendly | TheBrain v10.0.50.0
Would love to see your explanation of how things work in TheBrain, Ruud!

Any chance you could export some of your notes on this into a sample brain -- without too much extra work on your part?

This would be a great addition to our list of sample brains -- as well a helpful collection of hints and tips while we're waiting on the full UserGuide for TB9/10.

I'd also love to compare it with my own collection of TB9/10 hints and tips. ðŸ˜‰
It's very intermingled with other "how to" information. Would have loved to share it. Maybe down the line.
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | InstaPaper | Liner | PrintFriendly | TheBrain v10.0.50.0
Hi Underdog,

This is the expected behavior for TheBrain. Closing the application with a Brain tab still open will remember the layout of that tab. Closing individual tabs will not remember the layout.

This is on our feature request list, and I have updated the request with your suggestions.

Thanks for the update on this feature request, Sean.

@Ruud: Understand completely. Thanks for your consideration.

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