Hi, thanks for letting me test this amazing application for free.
And before reading, i really think this application is amazing! So its just suggestions. Not trying to say how things should be.

So far i have struggled because of following:
- Since TheBrain is all about connections, i would like to see multiple Type connections at once by color
example image: https://imgur.com/a/w7aTmql - colored by each thought type its connected with so i can easily see in one glance where connections are forming.
- I also feel like the way the lines are made up it makes everything look very confusing and you click the wrong items often. It would be nice if the lines were orientated differently and all the little circles that show connection possibilities are unnecessary (could perhaps be shown only when dragging too)
before after example: https://i.imgur.com/ZtgKPnS.gif
- when control clicking 2 or more tags or items. the ability to see the expanding connections of both.
because tagging is really often used by combining them and finding connections
- being able to zoom into the list that search creates. its so tiny that you cant see what is what.
- ability to allow tags to color like i showed in first example. perhaps it could be used for bottom 25% part of the thought. (i might make an image to explain)
- Larger icons on thoughts. (cant tell what is what the images are too small) Or fast popping up of the icons by just hovering over the thought.

This is just suggestions. I hope they are received nicely. I know how hard it is to make these applications so its in no way judging. This app has a great core to work from i think.

Oh and 1 different question:
- Can the brain 11 run separately from 10 ?


Hi, welcome aboard!
Always good to hear new ideas.
Not a Brain-dev, but I've been betatesting TheBrain11 in the last three months and have been doing bug reports, feature-suggestions and a lot of UI-whinging.
[not doing that as much at the moment, cause I'll want to order my Thoughts in a Brain there (there's been too many)]

interesting ideas. The first two anyway, no time to really think thru the others right now 🙂

(your first suggestion)
That's a bit vague. Could be interpreted in many ways.
One of them:
Like as a new View, in which the active Thought doesn't use Child-Parent- and Jumplinks for orienting all surrounding Thoughts,
but goes by link-type? Each Link-type having it's own Gate?
Link-types and links in general are a rather neglected part of the Plex.
At the moment, they're just too slow and cumbersome to use (no keyboard-only support, needs hateful mouse-clicking sadly).
Links aren't even selectable in the Web-client.
If Links ever get first-class citizen status, then I could see that being a cool feature.

re: confusion (your second point)
I mostly don't get confused, but I also stick to normal view. I haven't figured the other views out after three months of use.
Occassionally I use the Mind-Map-view for showing a bunch of stuff at once.
This screen stood out as being particularly confusing (even in normal view).

Perhaps crossing lines should cause some kind of depth effect, so that one knows which link is in front and which is in the back.
Automatic colors would work too, but that would clash with link types........  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Haven't really thought about this much yet, so I personally wouldn't make a feature request with any particular idea yet.
Formatting, resizing, UI scaling, overly short text-abbreviations....there are definitely still some (avoidable) legibility problems in TheBrain, though.

As a tip:
It's good practice to make a new thread for each feature-request or bug. And to paste pictures directly.
Simply press windpows>type "snipping">enter>make your snip>ctrl+s>name it "Temp some name">click on the paperclip here and have it upload right on the thread.
Makes it a lot easier to follow. [and giving a suggestion it's own thread, it's more tangible and easier for the devs to consider it]
Recorded videos with Loom (a screen capture, which autouploads the video, so after recording you can immediately share the link) is also very helpful, when it gets more complex.

re: running TB10 alongside TB11
I started using TB with 11, when it was still fairly crash-happy. But I suspect by now it's already more stable than 10.
(from what I've heard, that one isn't a beacon of performance either)
If you're just starting out anyway, I'd just not bother with 10, anymore.

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How to use TheBrain 11 fast (work in progress)

@xitement ~

Welcome to TheBrain forum! Glad to see you are enjoying TheBrain -- and it's great to see your ideas/suggestions. Will look forward to feedback from TheBrain Support team....

In the meantime, I've included a little additional feedback below, in case it might be helpful:

xitement wrote:
...all the little circles that show connection possibilities are unnecessary (could perhaps be shown only when dragging too)
You can actually hide the circles yourself by making them the same color as the background. See Options > Brain Theme and then adjust the colors of the Gates and Highlighted Gates.

However, you may want to be aware that these gates will probably be much harder to use when making connections between thoughts, if you cannot easily see them. In addition, the differences in the gate displays are also indicators of whether additional thoughts are attached or not, and you may miss this functionality if the gates are hidden. Finally, the gates are quite useful when you want to select multiple thoughts at one time, which may also be harder to do if the gates are completely hidden.

xitement wrote:
Can the brain 11 run separately from 10?
Each version can be run separately, but be aware that the notes in each version are not compatible, so it will be important to choose one version and stick with it to avoid problems with editing your notes.

Which version you choose will depend upon your particular use case:
> In TB10, the desktop notes performance is quirky and less than optimal, but the notes sync well with the web client.
> In TB11, the desktop notes are much more stable and reliable, but there are issues with syncing and editing notes in the web client.


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