I've just switched to using PB and I'm having a great time with it!  I've spent a lot of time using PB over the past week, and during that time I came across some places where I would liked to have been able to do something but couldn't.  So here is a list of features that I hope will soon be included in PB.

  1. Provide accelerators for:
    1. Increasing/decreasing font-size in the Notes editor
    2. Inserting a checkbox
  2. Provide the ability to create, and set, paragraph styles within the Notes editor.  (So that text can be easily changed to a heading, or a heading can be easily changed to 'normal'.)
  3. Allow users to create 'checkbox like' items that contain user-specified text and/or background color.  For example someone might want yes/no checkboxes or red/green/yellow checkboxes.
  4. Provide ability to insert date and time separately (while of course keeping the current date-time stamp).
  5. Provide a way to have PB automatically create a brainzip file, in the background, on a scheduled basis.  I'd also like to be able to select the number of zip files to keep.
  6. Provide some way for the user to easily see which panel has the focus.  Sometimes I need to click on the plex twice because it didn't have focus (though I thought it did), or I might start typing into a note only to find out that I'm typing into the plex's input field.
  7. Allow for multiple Note tabs, and for user-defined names in each tab. Each tab should indicate whether text exists, similar to how a Thought indicates when a jump or child exists.
  8. Allow events to be regenerated, in the same way that Tasks can be regenerated in MS Outlook.  There are some 'events' that don't need to occur on the day they're scheduled, such as 'get a haircut' or 'change oil in car', so these events should regenerate x-amount of time after they're acknowledged.
  9. When hovering over a past Thought (at the bottom of the Plex) it would be great if the parent thought's name would appear (dimly, right above the past thought).  I have many Thoughts with the same name (e.g., Journal, or Report Files) under multiple other Thoughts, and I'd like to be able to switch between these using the past Thought list, but it's impossible to know where the thought 'lives'.  I know that I can use the ',' method to cause the parent's name to be included in the child's name, thus making unique names, but this is only a manual circumvention that I'd rather not have to remember to do.
That's all for now...

By the way, I'm running PB version on Windows XP Pro SP3.

A few more...

  1. When I have a parent thought and several children thoughts that I want to copy under another thought, I'd like to be to do this without having to select every thought (i.e., right-click on the parent and select 'select from here down').  And I'd also like to be able to paste the copies without retaining any parent/jump connections that the pasted thoughts have to other thoughts.  The current method of multi-selecting, copy/paste, and then unlinking unwanted connections is very prone to mistakes.
  2. Along the same lines as the previous suggestion, I'd also like to be able to delete several thoughts without having to multi-select.  I.e., right click on a thought a select 'delete from here down'.
  3. I like to use checkboxes, and I appreciate being able to use them in Notes.  But I'd also like to be able to use them on Thoughts.  And if it's not asking for too much, it would be great if the checkboxes in children thoughts were linked to the checkbox in the parent thought, so that checking-off all children also check's off the parent.
  4. Thought numbering.  When I need to order children thoughts under a single parent, I have to manually insert numbers.  Not only is this difficult to maintain, but it also actually changes the Thought's name because the number becomes part of the name.  I'd like to be able to have a set of thoughts automatically numbered such that the names don't change, and so that if I add a child of a numbered Thought, the new child becomes numbered too (i.e., parent is 1, so new child is 1a, etc).  Numbers should be able to coexist with checkboxes, because together these are a great way to manage tasks.  (Edit: when auto-numbers exist, thoughts should automatically sort by number, not by thought name. This may be an obvious statement, but I didn't want to end up having to both enable numbering AND change the sort method.)

BTW, I'm aware of the 'crawl brain' feature, and it's a great feature that I take advantage of.  But there really needs to be a very quick method of copying and deleting an entire hierarchy of thoughts, and of creating duplicate thoughts without retaining original connections other than those between the copied thoughts.



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