I've been using PB 5.x for several months now and I really love it.  I've had very positive experiences with both the software itself and TheBrain support staff.  During the time I've been using PB I've thought of a few things I'd like to see incorporated in future versions.  Forgive me if I've duplicated previous requests.

- If a Brain (call it x) contains a link to another Brain (y) and that Brain(y) is open in a second instance of PB, rather than displaying the message "y is already open" it should simply switch focus to that instance of PB.

- Software option to easily un-register / re-register PB when switching computers (eg: buying a new computer)

- The ability to sort each thought's children independently (eg: one by name, another by time added).  Also, reverse sorts

- Hovering over a thought with a comment while the comment window is closed could display the comment in a temporary balloon.

- The "Create Tag" option should offer a checkbox for "Show Hint in Plex" or allow for the default to be set to False

- Exporting an outline should be a single right click function

- Password protection when opening Brains

Those are about all I can think of for now. 


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