So I had the need to create child thoughts 1…50 to add. After typing "1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8" I realised I didn't want to type any more and reached for Ruby. Also lucky I did because I'd forgotten the comma-trick.

Here is a quick script I used to generate the child thoughts to add:

(1..50).to_  {|n| ",#{n}"}.join(";")

If you are on a Mac you can open a terminal, and do:

(1..50).to_  {|n| ",#{n}"}.join(";")

(hitting Return between 'irb' and the next line. Irb is the Ruby languages interactive mode. Just hit ctrl+d when you're done with it).

and you will get:


in the terminal, ready for you to copy & paste into the create-thought dialog in Brain.

I also needed a certain range of years, so:

(2001..2017) {|_,i| i.even?}.map {|n| ",#{n}"}.join(";")

gave me:


It may be that Brain has some more semi-undocumented tricks for making this kind of task easier. If not a little bit of poking about and c&p paste in the Terminal could help ease typing lots of fiddly things.

Hope this maybe helps someone… if anyone really wants to understand what's going on there because it might be useful to them I'd be happy to walk them through it.

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Thank you for that. I personally love scripting any type of tedious task, even when the script takes longer to write than the task would have taken to complete. ðŸ˜„ 

Cheers, Sean

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