It just had this idea and wanted to drop it on the Brainiacss to make sure it inspires further work...

I'd like to be able to send a PDF via email to my brainbox. Since the email will have no message content, I'm hoping that just the file would be added into the Brainbox. And then, in TheBrain, I'd like an option to make this PDF a new child-thought of one my pinned thoughts!
Alternatively (or additionally) it would be very cool if I could specify some processing-instruction in the email, like

New Thought
   Ttitle: something i quickly made up
   Attachment: useAttachedFile
  Parent: 190510

My Brain only has one thought that begins with 190510, so I hope if the specified name gives one match only, TB would use it.

Please! ;-)

Thanks for posting. The `email to BrainBox` request is documented, but the added processing instructions is new.  I'll document this as well.

Thank you,

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