I would find it very useful to be able to split the notes area.

For example, I may have a document attached to a thought, and I want to read the document and at the same time make notes on it, all within the same thought. I don't want to be opening new windows and messing about in the OS to put them side by side.

It should be flexible enough to allow multiple splits as desired.

Thank you for the suggestion. It would be handy to further split the viewing area and see multiple notes/attachments at once. I will write up the feature request for our engineers. We'll let you know if/when we are able to build this.

This would be really useful, especially on an ultrawide monitor where there is tons of screen real estate.

Also, I would kill to be able to attach a web page to a thought and be able to annotate it directly in the tab rather than simply access the original.
I'm happy with using multiple windows for that. Just wish there wasn't so much space wasted on useless UI.
And I'm probably getting daily crashes, when I work with 5 or more Windows.
At least the Windows restore properly now, so it's only a 30 second timeloss instead of grinding all work to a halt.
But still....

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