I have been a customer of Personal Brain for a number of versions (years).  Months ago I downloaded "thebrain" and have been trying it out.  What I don't understand is the purchase of thebrain 7.  I am able to buy it at the discount price, but what confuses me is the fact that I am using the beta and there isn't a "golden" version 7 out yet.  I've been downloading the sub-versions of 7, each of which give me a limited time of use.  

What does the "purchase" of version 7 provide?  As I read it, I get a year of free updates before buying another year's renewal.  If I buy it now, does that mean I get a year from now, or from when the public version finally comes out?  And will the special upgrade price be available until the public version comes out?  A while after that?  What am I missing?
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Thank you for posting. The version we have available for download, and purchase, is a Release Candidate. Your year of free updates, etc. starts the date your Pro Combo is purchased. Any discounts available now via our Brain 7 Upgrade Page will be available after final release, but the amount of discount might change depending on what product you already have and how long you wait to purchase/upgrade.


I have bought the version - and I assume that early buyer get some benefits.


At least a better price.





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