Hello Brainers ,
I have been wondering about thebrain for a long time now ( >10y) , making many different trials to see how it would integrated in my workflow .
I made the jump and I'm trying to re-organize  around theBrain.
I won't comment about how amazing is that software package for mind mapping , reference  ......
But its integration's options are so minimal !!!
No Zapier, No IFTTT integration .
Working with evernote or any other application (task manager...)  is a pain in the arse .
I'm a nomad , working on different machine, system : windows & iOS
For example , a local link on IOS ( pasted in Evernote or Todoist ) won't work . A web link will open the browser and not the iOS App .
any Evernote link on iOs, in any App,  will open the evernote App straight away and not a browser  !! ( how do most application ) .
So wondering if I'm missing something ?
It sounds like TheBrain would not replace any task manager neither evernote .
I had a short-lived hope about the note editor, I even thought to completely replace Evernote until I found that I was not able  to insert code block , only Inline code style (monospaced formatting).
I'm a coder,  and such a limited feature is pretty useless .

I will carry on and hopefully I will find some tricks to get it works but the height of this story, I thought that I would gain some precious time using theBrain as my central tool .
For now, I can reckon a great time investment ( normal in setting up a new system) but  I'm really not sure to got it back  in return .

Any tips are welcome ...


Multiline codeblocks via three backticks on each enclosing line:

I'm actually using that to manage my evergrowing AHK-scripts.
Whenever I make a change to a function or hotkey, I'll keep the old version and add some checkboxes for further possible improvements.
Doesn't have code highlighting or even line numbers of course, but I'd work on the scripts in Sublime or Scite4Autohotkey, anyway.
Obviously this isn't a hardcore programming workflow, it's just AHK scripting.

But considering that the language is devilishly difficult (for the strangest reasons), being able to link reference pages I don't quite understand, Discord conversations on their server and scripts I'm having trouble to make work has been helpful.
code specific.png 
re: integrations, task management and such
An API or IFTT-integration is sorely missed.
You're right, out of the box it isn't great. But truthfully nothing else is either.
And trying to work with Windows and iOS..... well.... I mean..... how brave of you. I'm yearning for the day, I can ditch Android phone for something like a Surface Neo, so I don't have to deal with two OS.

There is no good software for combined task/project/knowledge management and spliting those things up, obviously means massive overhead.
However TheBrain has been the tool, that I've stuck with for the longest (close to a year now!) after having gone thru dozens in the past.
And I'm currently implementing Andy Matushak's Evergreen-notes approach with it:


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My videos always show the current time & date (look at Windows Taskbar).
How to use TheBrain 11 fast (work in progress)


thanks, David.
I missed the three backticks for code block .


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