I am a user of theBrain since version 3 (pre-Java version) and the old version had an accelerator to paste notes without formatting CTRL+SHIFT+V.     I know you can have custom accelerators but even in version 6 I can't see how to create an accelerator for the Edit menu items in Notes tab.   Note: there are 2 edit menus
  1. Part of the overall theBrain program which does list accelartors
  2. For the Edit menu that is part of the notes table which I can't find an accelerator for
 Is there something that I am missing?

If it is not possible, is this something that can be added to future beta drops.  

Currently I have to do about about 9 clicks to paste something without formatting, way too many clicks.   BTW, some of this is just navigation because the "Paste Special ..." menu item can be selected via an accelerator.    Can we also add an accelerator to that menu option "Paste Special ...



In preferences > advanced, select "copy/cut/paste notes as text always".

Thanks Harlan for that tip.  This will help for 80% of the cases.

However, now I can only past as text.   This pratically disables "Paste Special ...". 

I still would like to have the option and accelerator mapping.   Sometimes being able to copy and paste HTML table and keep that formatting is helpful.  But, know I have to go into preferences and disable the preference in order to get it back, which is very combersome.

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