I run a report
I select an item in the report
it centers in the plex
I hit my accelerator for tags
the tag list appears
I choose the tag I want
the tag list disappears
the tag is NOT applied to the thought.

if I click on a thought in the report to have it center in the plex, then hover over the thought in the plex without left or right clicking on the plex, then use the select tags accelerator, i get the same behavior as #1

if I right click the thought in the report and select tags, it works fine
if I right click the thought in the plex and select tags it works fine
if I left click the thought in the plex and use my select tags accelerator it works fine
if I left click anywhere in the plex and use my select tags accelerator it works fine

Mark Michael Lewis | The Profitability Coach |
Now you point it out, I have the same trouble with 5524 on Windows. I thought it might have been due to slow redrawing of the tags pane, but its a definate bug.

What's worse is that after playing round with this problem for a while I found that some tags in the tags pane showed 1 or more thoughts attached yet when I displayed them in the plex as tag thoughts they had no child thoughts. I didn't have any reports filters set, there were no forgotten thoughts, even rebuilding the database didn't help. What a waste of time. Finally, since no important thoughts were tagged with this tag, i decided to delete the tag and re-create it.

Hope they fix it in 6.0.

Alan Rhodes
Michael, Thanks for the clear explanation. I was able to replicate this problem and have noted it with our engineers.


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